Kind-squint Arweladse

kind-squint Arweladse (* 22. February 1973 in low-read) is a Georgian football player. The UEFA way of writing of its name reads Archil Arveladze.

Kind-squint Arweladse with many associations in Europe played. After it in the youth with the Iberia low-read had played, the Stürmer began his career in its homeland Georgien with Dinamo low-reads. 1993 he dared the step abroad. It changed to Trabzonspor into Turkey. Four years long it was there active. Then he, in the meantime become the national player , signed a contract with NAK Breda in the Netherlands. Three years later the 1 became. Fiber plastic Cologne on it attentively and got it, straight returned to the federal league 2000 to itself. Its time in Germany was not lucky. Many injuries threw it again and again back and brought it around the quite possible master place with the fiber plastic, where in the season 1993 /94 had already played its brother Rewas Arweladse. Artschils twin brother Shota Arveladze plays likewise professionally football. 2003 left kind-squint Germany and went back into the Georgian homeland to Dinamo low-read. Since 2004 it goes for locomotive low-reads on gate hunt.



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