Artur Auernhammer

Artur Auernhammer
Artur Auernhammer

Artur Auernhammer (* 9. March 1963 in upper high place, district Weissenburg Gunzenhausen) is a German politician (CSU).

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training and occupation

after the attendance of the hauptschule and the school of structure of occupation for agriculture completed Auernhammer agricultural teachings. Subsequently, it visited the agricultural technical school in white castle and the higher Landbauschule in tri village. Auernhammer is today active as nationally examined farmer and agriculture masters on the parental enterprise for dairy cattle husbandry, which he already took over 1995.

a party

Auernhammer became 1993 member of the boys union and 1994 also the CSU. Since 1998 he is district chairman of the CSU working group agriculture in middle Franconia.


Auernhammer belongs to the Kreistag of the district Weissenburg Gunzenhausen since 1996 and since 2002 also the town councillor von Weissenburg.

To 29. It occurred July 2004 for the separated delegate Albert Dess the German Bundestag . With the election to the Bundestag 2005 he was not selected again however into the Bundestag.

Auernhammer drew Bavaria over the national list into the Bundestag.

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