Arvid Carlsson

Arvid Carlsson (* 25. January 1923 in Uppsala) is a Swedish Pharmakologe, which admits Dopamine by its work with the neurotransmitter became. Together with Eric Kandel and Paul Greengard he received the Nobelpreis for physiology or medicine in the year 2000 “for the discoveries concerning the signal transmission in the nervous system “.

Carlsson studied medicine at the University of Lund starting from 1941, at which its father history taught. Although Sweden remained neutral in the Second World War, it had to interrupt its training, in order to serve several years in the Swedish army. In the year 1951 it attained a doctorate and became afterwards a professor at the university in Lund. Later Carlsson the chair at the University of Göteborg, which he kept up to his retirement 1989, took over eight years.


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