Karte Afrikas, Ascension hervorgehoben
stamp of 1937

Ascension (also Ascension Day island) is belonged a small tropical island in the south Atlantic and to British overseas territories pc. Helena.

It is appropriate
for coordinates: 7° 56 ′ S, 14° 22 ′ W
7° 56 ′ S, 14° 22 ′ W (between Africa and South America) and hasa surface of approximately 91 km ².

Ascension Iceland is location of a ground station of NASA and short waves - a transmitting plant BBC of the World service. Since 1963 by Ascension some research rockets (main of the type Arcas) were started with 7°58'52 " southern latitude and 14°24'49 " of western length.

In the Internet Ascension possesses the own Top level Domain .ac.

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the island is belonged volcanic origin and to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The highest point is 924 m highly. Large parts thatIsland are wasteland from cooled off lava. Altogether 44 Krater exist. If the island was originally only thinly bewachsen, then today forest exists. On Ascension a subtropical climate with average temperatures between 20 prevails °C and to 31 °C. Rain attacks the whole year. Onlyin the time between January and April the rainfalls become stronger.


the first discovery of the island 1501 by João new facts came there into oblivion, so that only the second “discoverer”, Alfonso de Albuquerque, the island with its second discovery on Christi Ascension Day 1503 (English: Ascension) their current name gave. In 2. World war served the island the allied ones as filling up station for flights between the USA and Africa. In the year 1982 the island served the British as basis for its back conquest of the Falklandinseln in the Falkland War. From the airfield Wideawake out started the Victor Tankflugzeuge and the Avro Vulcan - bombers to the air operations “Black bend”.


humans at present live population on the island, mainly coworkers and member of the organizations, which are active on the island. The largest subpopulation comesof the neighbouring island pc. Helena, in addition come 200 humans from the motherland Great Britain and 150 humans from the USA. On Ascension never lived native a population. Principal place of the island is Georgetown with 560 inhabitants. Cat Hill, the US basis, has 150 inhabitants and Traveller' s Hill,to the Wideawake the Royal Airforce - basis belonged, has 200 inhabitants.

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