Aschau in the Chiemgau

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Wappen von Aschau i.Chiemgau Deutschlandkarte, Position von Aschau i. Chiemgau hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Upper Bavaria
district: Rose home
surface: 79.61 km ²
inhabitants: 5.541 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 68 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 83229
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 47° 46 ' N, 12° 19 ' O
47° 46 ' N, 12° 19 ' O
Kfz characteristics: RO
municipality key: 09 1 87 114
of the local administration:
Kampenwandstrasse 36
83229 Aschau i. Chiemgau
official Website:
E-Mail address:

Aschau in the Chiemgau is a municipality in the Upper Bavarian district rose home with the local parts Aschau and special rank. The tourist place of the 1,669 m high Kampenwand and in the Priental to throne-end in the middle the lock Hohenaschau ( 12 is towered above. Century).

The valley station of the Kampenwandbahn is in Aschau.


lock Hohenaschau

the castle Hohenaschau became in the last third 12. Century in the upper Priental builds by Konrad and Arnold von Hirnsberg. Important aristocracy sexes extended the possession and removal the lock for the center of the administrative seat of their rule. The rule Hohenaschau was no principality in the actual sense, had however nevertheless a whole set of sovereignty rights like the right of the high and blood jurisdiction.

With around and extension buildings of the lock in the style of the Renaissance (1540 - 1560) and the high baroque (1672 - 1686) became the baroque lock chapel and the former Benefiziatenhaus, which establish today's Prientalmuseum. After further changes, particularly of 1905 - 1908 by Theodor of Cramer Klett, turned into the possession to the Federal Republic of Germany and today as holidays hostel of the federal financial administration are used.

High and Niederaschau became in the course of the administrative reforms in Bavaria 1818 independent political municipalities. At the 1. January 1966 high and Niederaschau were folded up to the municipality Aschau in the Chiemgau. 1978 took place the integration of the earlier municipality special rank as well as the southern part of the earlier municipality Umrathshausen into the municipality Aschau in the Chiemgau.




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