Asger Jorn

Asger Jorn (* 3. March 1914 in Vejrum, Jutland; † 1. May 1973 in Århus; actually Oluf Jørgensen) was a Danish artist.

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as Oluf Jørgensen in Vejrum, Jutland, born, began to paint Asger Jorn 1932 and went 1936 to Paris, in order to occur in remote and Légers Académie Contemporaine. During the German crew of Denmark in the Second World War Jorn as an active communist and resistance fighter returned to Denmark. It was member of the group of artists of Høst.

After the crew past was, the free space for critical thinking was more reduced felt due to more strongly centralized political control by the communist party many communists than ever closer and. Jorn could not accept that and broke with the party, remained however its life long communist. It was an initial member of the group of CoBrA merged from the groups of Høst, Belgian revolutionary Surrealistengruppe and reflex.

Likewise he was founder of the movement for an imaginary building house. Mouvement pour un building house Imaginiste. It was a prominent head of the later Zusammengehens of both organizations with the Lettristi international one and London Psychogeographical Association to Situationisti international one (S.I.). Here it used its scientific and mathematical knowledge, which it from Henri Poincaré and Niels bore referred, for the development of its situlogischen technology.

After a nearly one and a half-year old one stay in a sanatorium Asger Jorn pulled 1952 into Switzerland. Starting from 1955 alternating Paris and Albisola Marina were with Genova its residences.

1961 it left the S.I., in order to create Scandinavian Institut for comparative Vandalismus. It financed however further the activities of the group.


its painting is mainly with the Informel connected, varied it between remainders of figurativer and abstract painting. Admit are its transformations of old pictures, which it acquired on flea markets. Its early work shows up affected by Le Corbusier. The figures become later in a diffuse way and the screen layout and the mark technology more dynamically.

Besides Jorn prepares comprehensive theories of the art and the organization , which do not make stop before the policy and the economy.

Today Jorn is an high-acted artist, works of him possesses among other things the arts center Bremen, the arts center in Emden, and the urban gallery in the Lenbachhaus (structure), Munich. The arts center Kiel dedicated 2003 a retrospective to him.

three-lateral football

by the invention of the kind of sport “three-lateral football “it gave its philosophical system of the Triolektik a practical application and illustration (contrary to dialectic there are itself however e.g. three opposite positions, from those. two temporarly debited to that in each case third to unite can). The Triolektik was a form of the Dekonstruktion of the concept of dialectic and tied conceptions of Heraklit .


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