Asia Rocsta

of the Asia Rocsta is strong a jeep with optics from South Korea (ROK ), ajar against the legendary jeep CJ-7.

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since March 1990 is produced the ROCSTA 102, so the official designation, in the Korean Kwangju. ASIA of engine, 100 a per cent subsidiary company of KIA of engine, produces mainly military and commercial motor vehicles and belongs since 1976 to the KIA company.

Here developed also km 410, a lighter general-purpose jeep for the Korean army, which among other things with old pressing tools jeep was produced of the M38A, with which the similarity with the JEEP explains itself. From the basis of km 410 the civilian ROCSTA 102 was developed. Apart from some technical changes (e.g. the use of 1.8 litres of Mazda engines instead of the 2,0 KIA of engines as well as transmissions with longer, road-suited translations) got the ROCSTA correct steel doors in place of the jeep-typical door cutouts, as well as some plastic parts in the Innnenraum (e.g. Instrument panel) and at the body (flared wings, Seitenschweller) misses.

The name ROCSTA is derived all probability from the English “skirt star”.

import and market

1991 the ROCSTA was imported for the first time to Europe. First to Italy, starting from 1993 to Holland and to England. Isolated it was gotten also over free importers to Germany.

Since 1994 were imported the ROCSTA also officially into the Federal Republic. Due to the intensified commitment of the manufacturer KIA on the German market and at this time galloping jeep boom, one brought the ROCSTA in of the subsidiary company ASIA of engine equal with „“.

Apparent one did not believe in large success with the Rocsta become outdated technically, because this was applied from the outset, marketed and driven out as pure niche car. In addition, like that the ROCSTA was available only with certain KIA selling bases, further by free dealers was offered.

1994, for introduction, lay the purchase price with DM 24,990 for the most favorable model with Softtop and petrol engine. Thus the ROCSTA cost only, - more than a Suzuki to DM 180 Samurai. The other end of the scale of prices marked the Diesel with the DX equipment, for which with DM 29,990 in the list stood. To the comparison: a Mahindra cost at that time DM 25,990, a jeep Wrangler (with 2,5 litres of 4 cylinders) DM 35.410. Later ROCSTAS (for instance starting from year of construction 97) originates usually from the free import, mainly from Holland or Italy. In addition, models, which were intended for the Australian market, found your way to Germany.

Although the ROCSTA on the German market did not play a large role, he found his fan municipality nevertheless. Reasons for it are on the one hand the optics reminding of the legendary jeep CJ-7 in combination with economical and reliable, Japanese mass production technology.

Note: Japanese mass production technology? See to Herstellungsland

engines and equipments

both offered engines (gasoline and Diesel) originating from the MAZDA - shelf. The Benziner is the 1.8 litres engine (F8) from the old Mazda 626 and carries out with catalyst and electronically regulated carburetor 78 HP from 1,8 litres capacity.

The 2.2 litres magma suction diesel engine (R2) comes the Mazda bus and/or. Transporter. The achievement is with 67 HP.

Beside the standard design there was a “DX” equipment, to the one power steering, a höhenverstellbares steering wheel, tachometer, clock, center console, as well as light alloy wheels with tires of the size of 235/75 R 15 belonged.

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