Asian Highway project

map OF the highways
Asian Highway 2 sign near Ratchaburi, Thailand

the Asian Highway (AH) project is a cooperative project between the 32 asiatic states and the UN ESCAP, in order to extend the asiatic freeway net. It is one of the 3 columns of the “Asian country transport Infrastructure development” (ALTID) project (project for the asiatic overland transport infrastructure, which of the ESCAP commission during their 48. Meeting was signed in the year 1992.

The three columns are:

  • The Asian Highway Project
  • the Transasiati railway connection
  • the promotion of overland transport projects

the AH project 1959 of the United nation in the life called with the goal of promoting the development of the international traffic network to Asia. During the first phase of the project from 1960 to 1970 thereby considerable progress was made. When however 1975 the financial promotion was stopped, the development slowed down.

ESCAP implemented different projects with the AH members, after ALTID 1992 was signed.

The “Intergovernmental Agreement on the Asian Highway network” (IGA) became to 18. November 2003 in the “Intergovernmental Meeting” affirmatively. The IGA closes annex I, 55 different AH distances with an overall length of approx. 140.000km within the 32 member states designates, as well as annex II, the “Classification and Design standard” (classification and Design standards) - catalog. During 60. Meeting of the ESCAP in Shanghai, China in April 2004 the IGA contract was signed by 23 states.

For the route of the AH1 thereby a distance was suggested of Tokyo until Istanbul, leads thereby both by North Korea and South Korea, China, and other countries in the southwest and the south of Asia, as well as central Asia. The distance is to intensify the trade relations between the East Asian states , India and China.

In order to extend the distance, existing roads are to be extended and new distance sections to be established. 2006 are to be announced a budget and a schedule.

road system

road numbers with a number draw themselves over the whole continent:

road process of following distances on the English Wikipedia:

to length of the route network within the individual States of

the planned net run on a total distance of 140.479 km.

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