as Askari (of the Arab word عسكري for soldier) one designated a soldier of African origin in the period of 1890 to 1918, serving with the colonial force in German East Africa. The Askari carried the main load of the fight against the British troops in the First World War. They formedthe majority of the German colonial force in German East Africa.

In support to it one selected the word Askari also as title for the messages from the colonial youth movement. This usually only quadripartite sheet was appropriate for the expenditures of the Jambo (maintenance and instruction booklet over colonies and overseas) of the classes1924 and 1925.

Around the Askari formed a myth of the German colonial history, which human conditions allegedly dominant in the German colonies point out should and which after the First World War supported historicalrevisionistic efforts of the time. Therefore the Askari the colonial gentlemen would have in freiwilligerLoyalty served and for the end of the German rule itself for this back longed.


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