Assessor is a job title, which may be led by persons, who took a second state examination after completing the Referendariats ( period of instruction ) (most well-known with teachers and lawyers).

For leading the title e.g. is. in accordance with. § for 10 NJAG (Lower Saxony) or § 61 HUNT size (North Rhine-Westphalia) that authorized, which passed the second legal state examination and attained thus the capability to the justiceship or to the higher general civil service (frequently also as a “full lawyer “designates). The designation is used frequently by Justitiaren.

Studienassessor is the office designation of a teacher in the government service after existed second state examinations during the Probezeit.

The job title Assessor is led also by officials of the higher service before award of the first office, thus in the Probezeit, (see also government service and government advice). However also often becomes instead to the future service designation the additive for employment (z.A.) attached (e.g. RR z.A. and/or. RR'in z.A.). Also persons can lead the title Assessor, who existed a career examination, but not in the public service to be employed and therefore no office designation carry, if the respective test order permits this.

Examples (not locking):

  • Assessor of the land conservation
  • Assessor of the forest service
  • Assessor of the agriculture service
  • Assessor of the teaching profession
  • Assessor of the measurement service (Assessor for measurement, geo information and rural development)
  • Assessor of the civil service
  • Bauassessor (master of building of governments in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria) (fields civil engineering, above ground construction, town planning, town construction,…)
  • Rechtsassessor (frequently also: ASS. jur.)
  • Bibliotheksassessor

the Lands of the Federal Republic regulated these ranges differently.

Assessor call themselves also persons, who are active in the context Assessment centers as observers.

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