as asthma (of Greek άσθμα, „the Keuchen “) one designates a anfallsweise arising, often high-grade difficulty in breathing, which can have different causes:

  • Asthma bronchiale is a narrowing of the respiratory system, those with a hypersensitive Bronchialsystem by outside or internal attractionsto be released can. If one speaks of „asthma “, actually often „asthma bronchiale “is mentioned.
  • Asthma cardiale is released by increased blood thawing in the lung cycle with link heart insufficiency. The accumulations arise usually at night in lying, thus with increase of the venous return flow orthe central blood volume.
  • Asthma uraemicum results from uremia due to serous impregnating of the lungs (permeability of the alveolar and capillary walls increased; evtuell with kardialer component).
  • Asthma nasale is caused by illnesses of the nasal cavity and can lead to asthma bronchiale. Of thisOne speaks form only rarely.
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This side is a term clarifying for the distinction of several terms named the same word.

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