Atari 1040 STE

of the ATARI 1040 STE (with E for Enhanced) was introduced in the year 1989 with new technological characteristics for sp series, in order to back-conquer lost market shares of the competitive Amiga. In the comparison to 1040 sp the STE received to the following new characteristics:

  • Operating system TOS 1,06 (later 1,62), so-called RainbowTOS (normal STs had 1,00, 1,02 and 1,04)
  • a Farbpalette of 4096 colors (before only 512), however still only 16 at the same time representably
  • gene LOCK - support
  • DMA (direct memory access) 8-bit Stereosound with up to 50kHz digital sound rendition (before only mono with similar sound synthesis)
  • simple SIMM of plug-in modules for memory up to 4MB (before usually soldering installation for the memory expansion was necessary), which can be extended
  • , a graphic Koprozessor, the so-called Blitter
  • hardware scrolling for plays
  • 2 digital and 2 similar Joystickports (only 2 digital of haven were present before)

otherwise is to a large extent identical to that 1040 STFM the equipment. Housings and keyboard are alike, are to a large extent the same connections.

Unfortunately the changes at the operating system brought many Inkompatibiltäten at existing software with itself - particularly by copy protection technologies causes. Summarized the STE could draw even however only to that Amiga existing already for a long time technologically, but not overhaul it. The Amiga 500 remained further the favored play platform. The 1040 STE stayed in the sales figures clearly behind expectations. Some plays contain special adjustments, in order to use the auxiliary functions of the STE. This e.g. is. with some titles of the house Thalion software or with the Flipperspiel Obsession of Unique Developement the case.

Programs for the STE series are executable with the emulator Steem on today's PCs:

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