Atari Falcon 030

a Atari Falcon030

of the Atari Falcon 030 was starting from 1992 a sold home computer of Atari .

It possesses a Motorola 68030 CCU and one clocked with 16 MHz with 32MHz operated digital signal processor of the type Motorola 56001. It offered place foran optional FPU (a floating point koprozessor) Motorola 68882 as well as internal 2.5 tariff ATA - non removable disk.

Additionally to of the Atari sp screen resolutions admitted Sp-Low (320 × 200 pixels with 16 colors), sp medium (640 × 200 with 4 colors) and Sp-High (640 ×400 pixels with 2 colors) as well as VGA (640 × 480 with 16 or 256 colors) it offered also - dissolutions with 65535 colors, which were ex factory not in dissolutions of 80-indication available however to True Color. All modes were representable by PAL/NTSC video signal also on a television set - with thathigher resolutions however only under violently flickering interlaced scanning (interlacing).

The computer thought as successors 1040 STE was however first of all because of that at this time ever more to interspersing personnel computer, secondly because of the comparison-wise slow CCU and thirdly due to serious marketing errorsno far spreading more.

A small exception gave it in to music the sector, since the Atari sp possessed already as standard equipment a Midi interface and thereby also with good software with many musicians and thus also in clay/tone of Studios made itself popular, seized the Falconthere also foot. Particularly, because it possessed protruding sound characteristics, which permitted hard disk Recording in CD quality with the help of the DSP of processor even contrary to sp models for the time at that time. Together with today still on other computer systems the refugee music software Cubase, itwhen for the Falcon adapted software gave, the computer finally to end the 90's still in many Musikstudios begun.

Already early supplied third offerers extensions for the Falcon, which increased the processor clock and the DSP clock (e.g. the Skunk32), a faster CCU (z. B. 68040) began, the screen resolution increased or for the digitization of video pictures to be used knew. But also today (2004) there is with the CT-60 a Upgradekarte built in manual work, those up to 100 MHz 68060 processor and 512 MT RAM offers and thus the achievement overthe factor 20 increases.

As operating system the TOS 4,01 (later 4,02 and 4,04) in the ROM was provided, which is an extension of the older TOS versions around functions for the control of the DSP and the other new components. Also in ACCORDANCE WITH - surface was equipped with a 3D-Optik.

The new multitasking - operating system MultiTOS was not in time finished by Atari and separately provided therefore on disk. The Kernel of MultiTOS is original an advancement of MiNT, one from Eric R. Smith written UNIX - similar Kernel, which were published as open SOURCE, and itself stronglyagainst Minix leaned. The abbreviation stood for emergency TOS for MiNT is. This Kernel became then licensed from Atari, and from now on the abbreviation for MiNT stood is for Now TOS. Atari fit then the AES (see: Graphical Environment manager), thus the functionality of the graphicSurface, to the multitasking ability of the new Kernels on. The original MultiTOS did not become generally accepted however because of some inadequacies and to slow response times, instead competition product of third manufacturers (MagiC, N.AES) in Germany found far spreading.

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