Ateshbaz i-Veli

Ateshbaz i-Veli (13. Century) was a personal cook of Mevlana Dschalal ad-DIN Rumi, the famous Islamic Mystiker and founder of the Mevlevi - Tariqa, a Sufi - medal. It served the father of Rumi, under it personally and the son Rumis, under three of sheikh, Sultan Walad. It is buried in Rumis Mausoleum in Konya.

After a Mevlevi legend Ateshbaz prepared once a court for its gentleman, but the meat was still toughly as the fire wood to the slope went. Thus the cook prayed to God around grace and a miracle and put its left large toe into the glow. Those blazed, the meat cooked and soon continued to spread a delicious smell, which lured Mevlana into the kitchen. When the cook saw his gentleman, left for one instant his concentration and its God confidence after and a übewältigender pain drove through it. There it pulled hastily its foot from the fire and covered its burned toe with that of the right foot. Since then - so the legend - Mevlevi Derwi covers its left toe with its Sema (the circling „dance “) with the right „around the doubt to hide “and Mevlanas most faithful servant intend.


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