Ato Boldon

Ato Boldon (* 30. December 1973 in haven OF Spain, Trinidad) is an athlete from Trinidad and Tobago.

Boldon belongs since center of the 1990er years to the world-best Sprintern over 100 and 200 m. Its special discipline are however the 200 M. As 14jähriger it left the Karibikinsel Trinidad with its parents and lives since then in the USA. First it began with American football. Its Sprinttalent was recognized thereby and it began with the Leichtathletiktraining. Already 1992 sent it its homeland to the olympic plays to Barcelona. It achieved first international successes in the same year, when he became junior world champion over 100 and 200 m.

With the seniors it won 1995 the bronze medal over 100 m with the Leichtathletikweltmeisterschaften. Boldon became member of the group of trainings of the US-American Sprinters Maurice Greene, which increased its achievements enormously. With the olympic plays 1996 in Atlanta it won bronze over 100 and also over 200 M. 1997 won Boldon the first WM-title in the history of the small Karibikstaates over 200 M.

Its best time over 100 m (9,86) ran Boldon whole four times. In the year of the world championship 1999 it had trouble with various injuries and could not not achieve its old form. With the olympic plays 2000 in Sydney was it then again at the start and won silver over 100 m and bronze over 200 M.

With the olympic plays in Athens 2004 Ato Boldon denied its fourth Olympiad, separated however over 100 m in the advances. Afterwards it terminated its active career. In the time after the resignation Ato Boldon made the pilot light and became a commentator for Leichtathletik with an American TV-transmitter. Its newest project is a film, in which it along-plays.


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