as Attika (Greek Αττική Attiki) one designates

  • an author ice and a sleeping car course Munich Athens designated after this landscape, see Attika (course).

in architecture

  • an essay over the Hauptgesims of a building, which is implemented also as half projectile with windows.
  • in antique architecture the transverse's building of a gate resting on columns. This form also with the Roman Triumphbogen or also town-gates in Rome or the Roman provinces carries besides large signatures over the emperor, that usually also the father indicates for the dynastischen reason of its rule authentication and the cause of the donation and building the Triumphbogens. In each case they are certifications of official demonstration of a requirement for rule.

  • in Switzerland a Penthouse (also: ” Attikawohnung “).

Attica as geographical names:

  • Attica, Saskatchewan - Canada
  • Attica, Indiana - the USA
  • Attica, Kansas - the USA
  • Attica Township, Michigan - the USA
  • Attica (city), New York - the USA
  • Attica (much situation), New York - the USA
  • Attica, Ohio - the USA
  • Attica Correctional Facility - prison in the Nähne of Attica (city), New York - notoriously for the prison rebellion 1971
this side is a term clarifying for the distinction of several terms named the same word.

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