Attilio Nicora

Attilio cardinal Nicora (* 16. March 1937 in Varese, Italy) is a cardinal of the Roman-catholic church.


Attilio Nicora received the Sakrament of the Priesterweihe according to philosophical, theological and legal studies in June 1964. He is graduated lawyer, doctor of the canonical right and owner of the Lizentiats for catholic theology. Before he became in the year 1977 bishop of Milan, he worked as professor for canonical right and general church right at the seminar for priests of Milan, which he managed also as a rector.

In the Italian bishop conference it led the commission for questions of the Caritas. 1992 it was shifted after Verona and of Italy representative at the European commission of the bishops for questions of the European community. Since 2002 Nicora leads the administration of the church state as a president. Pope Johannes Paul II. raised it in October 2003 to the cardinal.


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