Auckland islands

the Auckland islands form a subantarktischen archipelago, which belonged to New Zealand (see also Subantarkti islands). The gebirgige and uninhabited Inselgruppe is part of the UNESCO Welterbes.

The archipelago is appropriate for about 465 km south the south island of New Zealand between 50° 30 ′ and 50° 60 ′ southern latitude and 165° 50 ′ and 166° 20 ′ eastern length. The total area of the Inselgruppe amounts to 606 km ². The Hauptinsel is about 510 km ² largely.


the Auckland islands 1806 of Captain A. became. Bristow discovers. 1874 took part German researchers on the Auckland islands in the observation of a Venustransits. 1998 was explained it of the UNESCO as the world nature inheritance.

The islands are today uninhabited, although in the middle 19. Century the attempt was undertaken to settle the islands, whereby agriculture and whale-catching should form the base of life.

animal world

the Aucklandinseln were former spreading emphasis of the Aucklandralle exterminated in the meantime and the Auckland Sägers (exterminated 1901). Resident on the islands are among other things also the threatened yellow eye penguin, a subspecies of the Springsittichs (Cyanoramphus auriceps auriceps) and a subspecies of the Laufsittichs or Ziegensittichs (Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae novaezelandiae). The flight-unable Aucklandente (Anas aucklandia) was exterminated by brought in dogs and cats nearly and is on some the smaller islands to be only found.

Coordinates: 50° 47 ′ 18 " S. Break, 166° 5 ′ 9 " o. L.


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