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Audio Player are software programs, which are able, audio files and/or. Audio data - z. B. of LINE in - to show.

Well-known audio Player is for example XMMS, Winamp, Windows Media Player and amaroK.


audio Player are programs, which load audio data from files or from CDs, if necessary. convert aufwändig and then as digital music signals to the sound map of a computer pass on.

Audio Player are to be extended comparatively simply by further functions, then can Audio Player technically seen any number of audio formats to support. For each format an appropriate program library must be added. Modern CD players can often play some the compressed audio formats and take over some the functions of today's audio Player. The function range of these devices remains neverthelesscompared with the software programs strongly reduced.


further auxiliary functions are implemented function range apart from the pure rendition in audio Player. Examples would be an automatic volume adjustment, transformation between different data formats or transmission of audio files of the non removable disk on othersMedia such as z. B.CDs.

The moreover one most audio Player makes a fast navigating possible between and within the individual titles, then is for example contrary to a CD player direct accesses to a certain section of a certainTitle possible.

Some Player contain also data base functions for the administration of the audio files. These make it for the user possible its audio data according to interpreters, music albums or other criteria to sorting, rendition lists to provide or offer highly developed search functions. As example of a Player alsomay apply for such function range here amaroK.

Arising free and/or free Medienplayer has fast for the strong spreading of compressed audio formats such as z. B. MP3 led. These formats are a little speicheraufwändig and make it also on a comparatively small non removable disk for enormously much possibleTo store audio material. How much now on a storage medium fits exactly, is dependent on different factors as the data format or the clay/tone quality of the audio data. As rule of thumb may be considered with lossy audio formats: The better the clay/tone quality, the more largely the memory expenditure. On commercial Non removable disks (conditions: 2005) with approximately 250 GB storage capacity has complete music archives all publications some dozens of interpreters problem-free place.

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