Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou (* 9. August 1978 in Beaumont/Montluçon, France) is a French actress. Admits became it 1999 by beautiful Venus and to the star 2001 by the film the marvelous world of the Amélie. Second large success 2004 became their main role in Mathilde - large loving.

Audrey Tautou became to 9. August 1978 as a daughter of a dentist born. After its Abitur (note one) Tautou studied modern literature in Paris and attended a theatre course. After some time it heard to study on and concerned themselves only with the looking plaything. After it had along-played before in Kurzfilmen and French TV serials, it received a role in the film „beautiful Venus “, for which it was distinguished with the César. Thereupon it got the main role in Jean Pierre Jeunetsthe marvelous world of the Amelie “.

Privately Tautou lives alone in an apartment in Paris quarters the Pigalle and plays in its spare time gladly piano. It uses its popularity, in order to engage itself, e.g. against the right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen, to that it among other things said: „Hate and intolerance are not basis, around a country to govern “.

Many critics mean to detach itself with mad in love (2002) Tautou tried, of the Amelie image with which it is identified on one side. In this film Tautou plays a young woman, who follows obsessionshaften loving in a married physician a Stalker similarly, although that hardly took her to the knowledge. Audrey Tautou argues this intention behind the role choice however off.

Filmografie (excerpt)


  • you is 1,60m largely.
  • It has the call to make a photo at the end of the interview from each critic, who interviewt it.
  • Almost the role of the Amélie would have director Jean Pierre Jeunet the British actress Emily Watson had planned lost there.
  • Lance Mazmanian is engaged and speaks flowing English with the writer.
  • Audrey's favourite composers are Ravel, Mozart and Frédéric Chopin.
  • Their father is a dentist, the nut/mother teacher. Audrey studied even literature at the university.
  • Audrey Tautou loves it to paint. Their models are Turner, Manet, Ingres, squint and Delacroix.
  • Magazine landed (2002) at place 29 in the valuation of the 102 women with most Sex appeal the Stuff.

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