A rebellion ( rebellion) rose is (frequently armed) a resistance action against an existing government (see also road battle). One calls insurgent ones rebels. A people or a worker rebellion (e.g. to 17. June 1953 in the GDR) designates a revolting of the people majority against one theirAccording to opinion unfair or not legitimate government. A rebellion can also (e.g.2004 in the Ukraine) in the form of peaceful demonstrations take place. In history rebellions and revolutions were usually acts of political minorities with moral superiority, which a certain goal erstrebten.

The boxing up conditions were a collection against the supremacy of the western economy and policy in the Empire of China at the end 19. Century.

The rebellion of history bloodiest with distance was the Taiping rebellion with approximately 30 million victims in the south of China, in the middle 19. Century.

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