Augsburger doll crate

Augsburger doll crate is a famous puppet theatre in Augsburg. The premiere became to 26. February 1948 with “the gestiefelte Kater” celebrated. Supraregional became the doll crate admits starting from 1953 by its television productions. In the Adventszeit became regularlynew multi-divisor, usually four consequences, shown. Largest “star at threads” Jim are button (1961/62 and/or. 1976/77) and Urmel (1969/74). Augsburger doll crate is to today a television institution, in addition, the stage performances in Augsburg are in advance written off weeks. ThatTheatre has a space utilisation of to the 100 per cent.

Table of contents

the doll crate: A family business

1943 Oehmichen (1901-1977) create walter, itsMrs. Rose (1901-1985) and its daughters Hannelore (1931-2003) and Ulla an own small puppet theatre: „the doll shrine “, a small stage, which can be developed in a door frame. At the night to 26. February 1944 becomes the doll shrine with a bomb attack upAugsburg destroys. The figures remain - Oehmichen had taken them fortunately with home, after he had given a conception in the city theatre Augsburg for the children to the stage member, where the doll shrine became a victim of the flames. Today is onlystill another receive Rosette of the doll shrine.

After end of war walter Oehmichen begins with planning for a new doll theatre. With the former holy spirit hospital he finds an area, which can serve as constant performance place. First itself Oehmichen the play place must however alsothe statistic office divide.

All adversities of the post-war period to the defiance succeed to the family Oehmichen finally, under the name “Augsburger doll crate” their puppet theatre to 26. February 1948 - on the day exactly four years after destruction of the doll shrine - alsoto open the piece “the gestiefelte Kater”. When doll players and speakers become young Augsburger actors obligated, under them Manfred Jenning. It fast to the house author of the doll crate and justifies 1951 with the annually changing “Kabarett” for adult a tradition, thosethis very day one maintains.

Walter Oehmichen carves first the puppets, hands this important task over however soon to its daughter Hannelore. Under their talentierten hands develop all famous “star at threads”. Their first figure carves Hannelore already at the age ofonly 13 years, still secretly, because it has not might use sharp carving measurer actually. Their first well-known figure is a small prince. In the premiere conception of the theatre Hannelore leads the gestiefelten Kater. Oehmichens Mrs. Rose fits the dolls outand takes over as a spokeswoman many nut/mother and grandmother roles.

To 25. In the year 1973 Hannelore and its man Hanns Joachim marshal, actor and likewise long years transfer anniversary in the doll crate actively, the line of the puppet theatre. 1977 die walter Oehmichen. Up tohe assists the theatre helping its death. Rose Oehmichen follows its man 1985, daughter Hannelore becomes owner of the doll crate.

Since beginning of the 1980er Klaus marshal, son Hannelore and Hanns j works. Marshal, in the theatre also. 1992 he takes over the lineof its parents. Hanns j. Marshal withdraws himself from the theatre, dies 1999. His Mrs. Hannelore however carves far the figures, stands again and again helping on the play bridge. Klaus' brother Jürgen enters at the beginning of the 1990er into the enterprise andsupports its nut/mother during the doll production. After their death to 16. May 2003 it start their inheritance.

the famous crate covers

the famous crate covers with the diagonally printed signature mark “Augsburger doll crate” and the additive “Oehmichens puppets theatres”long the brand name of the doll crate became. The name “doll crate” decreases/goes back on walter Oehmichen: After the doll shrine had been destroyed, new puppet theatre should be completely place in a crate to find, in order to be so always easily transportable. Correct way must the crate covers thus also crate covers to be called and not as wood doors or gates.

In the theatre in Augsburg two oversize crate covers lock the stage cutout (0.90 x of 2 meters). For the television there are separate, smaller covers, to the sceen size and/or.the display format are adapted by 4:3. With nearly all TV-productions of the doll crate these crate covers, which are used almost invariably since end of the 1950er years, were used. For production “the robbery of the midnight sun” (1994) became special more againso-called INSERT box manufactured, which is accordingly oblong the transmission format 16:9.

Only television broadcasts, which developed only under participation of the doll crate or against “regular” productions of the hessian broadcast stand out should, come without the famous crate covers with the high recognizing valueout. To call here the various consequences for the sand male (1962-82) are, “the museum rats” (1965-72), “I wünsch' me which” (1968-70), “we Gothamites” (1972), “nature and technology” (1972-76) and “Ralphi” (2004-06).


of pieces of child

many classicalFairy tales, not only after Grimm, but also from 1001 night or after Hauff, are played in the doll crate. Pieces like “Aladdin and the miracle lamp”, “dwarf nose” or “Mrs. Holle” stand already for decades - again-produced - on the play plan. “ThatRobber Hotzenplotz " (1966), the most popular piece of the Thetaers, or “the small witch” (1971) - both after collecting mains Otfried Preusslers - since their Erstinszenierung are invariably played.

materials for adults

differently, than one it with a doll stageperhaps expected, and in the doll crate also many working on are brought by materials for adults on the stage: Oehmichen produced first many pieces, which he could not realize at the city theatre Augsburg, at which it was active as play leaders, among other things“A dream play” by August Strindberg. If the first play times are still difficult, follows 1951 with Antoine de Saint Exupérys “the small prince” the large break-through for the small puppet theatre. Walter Oehmichen arises here even in the role of the flier.

The first performancefrom Bert Brechts “the three-groschen opera” in Augsburg by the doll crate provides 1960 for attention. Oehmichen appears here again even, as Bänkelsänger. Also today always times again “the process stands over the donkey shade” (1962) from Friedrich Duerrenmatton the play plan.

Beside serious and amusing materials, beside classical authors like “D. Johannes Fausti " produces the doll crate in addition, operas, primarily after collecting mains the Mozarts. Already 1952 bring walter to Oehmichen the amusing opera “Bastien and Bastienne” on the stage. 1985 bringthe theatre “a small magic flute” out. The piece becomes of Oehmichen son-in-law Hanns j. Marshal puppet-fairly converted. Thus the figures receive their voices from singing actors, large airs are completely painted. “The small kidnapping from the Serail” (1991) becomes successful after sameSample produces.

To the Mozart year 2006 Klaus marshal produces the classical material of the Don of Giovanni as “Don Giovanni and the stone guest” in the year 2005. In the role of the servant Don of Giovanni: the Kasperl of the doll crate, that the piece with thatit peppers own joke. Each year is very successfully shown again the “Kabarett”. The current program has always at Silvester premiere, in a half year approximately 100 conception is played.


starting from 1953 becomes the doll crate alsocountry widely admits: To 21. January, only few weeks after premiere of the news of the day, takes place the first television broadcast with history „Peter and the wolf “, still live sent from “the shelter” of the NWDR in Hamburg. This is the beginning of onelarge TV-Erfolgsgeschichte. At first the television productions of the doll crate are still abgefilmtes theatre, soon already however at the expenditure of a feature are turned. The television pieces are uncoupled early by the stage productions. Thus it comes that all well-known television star never on thatStage in Augsburg to see were.

the classical authors

to first large “star at threads” count - still produced in s/w - “the mummy family” (1959 /60), “Jim button and Lukas of the Lokomotivführer “(1961, New filming in color 1976), “the small thick knight” (1963) and the “Kater Mikesch” (1964). One produces since 1954, apart from a short intermediate play with the Bavarian broadcast 1956-58, with the hessian broadcast.

Off 1965 give to ' the doll crate on the television s also in color: One of most well-known and most popular productions of this time is probably “Urmel from the ice” (1969). In addition, the “lion Trilogie” (1965-1967) pleases not less the spectators. To one the usually-filmedAn author max of Kruse becomes. It does not only supply the collecting mains to the Urmel and lion stories, but also to “Don sheet metal and the golden Junker” (1973), the second part of the Urmels, “Urmel play in the lock” (1974)and to the game west adventure “lord Schmetterhemd” (1978).

The film scripts to all these TV-successes come from Manfred Jenning, which starting from 1970 with “small king takes over Kalle Wirsch “also the direction for the television pieces of Harald shepherd. 1979 die Manfred Jenning after long serious illness at the age of only 50 years. It leaves a large life's work.

the 1980 he/1980

its successor in the television productions Sepp Strubel becomes. Already since beginning of the 1960er Strubel is asSpeaker for the doll crate actively and has with “nature and technology” and/or. “Think and thought” (1972-76) an own scientific magazine row for children with puppets of the doll crate devised and converted. Strubel already pulls the doll crate instead of well-known authors, with those successesto celebrate knew, young authors for the television work near: 1980 develop “the Opodeldoks” after a book by Paul Maar, written for the doll crate.

Space becomes a new goal Strubels: First on the apple star (“5 on the apple star”, 1981), 1986/87 is then the small robot “sling of the green star” comes on earth (book: Ellis chews). 1994 are realized the first last television production with the hessian broadcast: With “the robbery the midnight sun” does not lead Sepp Strubel any longer direction. Of itonly - as also with “the castle ghost Lülü” (1992) and “the Zauberer Schmollo” (1993) - the film script comes.

1997 create Augsburger doll crate successfully with “the story of Monty Spinnerratz” of the American child book author gate Seidler the jump on the cinema canvas.About 900,000 Kinobesucher experience also, how (rat) puppets and humans act together in the New Yorker port and underworld. The film is distinguished with the Bavarian film price as the best child film.


2000/2001 give it a new seriesfor the television: In “Lilalu in the Schepperland” (altogether 13 consequences) the adventures of the princess of the fairy tale singing realm Melodanien, the Hofküchenwichtels Pimpernell and the crow Lukulla in the fight against the powerful witch Synkopia, against the red Kobold, witches and Zauberer are told. ThatFilm script to it - developed after motives of the “Browny of valley” from Enid Blyton - comes from Peter Scheerbaum, the house author of the doll crate, which in the film script to “Monty Spinnerratz” was involved already.

Newest television project of the doll crate is “Ralphi” (2005/06): The smart bear goesfor the knowledge channel BR-alpha on investigation route. Most diverse topics are prepared child fair. Ralphi is however not in the Fantasiewelten of the doll crate on the way, but in the reality: It visits museums, is on rivers and lakes on the way or is on Stippvisite with mayors.

In addition produces the doll crate documentations, which are not only interesting for children: In “Augusta Kasperlicorum” (2004) presents the Kasperl of the doll crate his city. As contribution to the Mozart year the Kasperl in “Augusta Mozarteum” (2006) goes on the traces of thefamous composers, whose father is like also the Kasperl son of the city Augsburg. Both documentations appeared however bare on DVD.

To its roots the doll crate with the filming of the Kabaretts returns: At Silvester 2005 became with the “Kabarettthe dolls " a Zusammenschnitt of the current Augsburger production shown, abgefilmt from the stage Augsburger of the principal firm. Furthermore 1 becomes since that. Aprill 2006 different music numbers from the Kabarettprogramm as tracing fillers on BR-alpha under the title “poetry of being astonished” presents.

tour projects

to their 50. Anniversary goes Augsburger doll crate 1998 on a two-year tour by Germany. The tour of the Bertelsmann club is supported.

Since 2003 tourt the puppet theatre with piece of courage Mach “the small Känguru and the fear hare”after a book by Paul Maar by German paediatric clinics. The piece becomes also between that 29. April and 7. May 2006 three times daily with an attendance of the doll crate specified in the Japanese twin city of Augsburg, Amagasaki.

In the year 2006 one startsfurther tour, a goal are kindergartens. By the piece “Paula and the Kistenkobolde” of Peter Scheerbaum are to learn children to deal with their feelings. The piece was compiled in the context of the project “Papilio” of the beta of institute with consideration of scientific realizations. Prelude thatPapilio tour is to 7. March 2006 in the Bavarian federal state parliament in Munich.

museum “the crate”

since the renovation of the holy spirit hospital possesses the doll crate their own museum. In October 2001 “the crate becomes - Augsburger doll theatre museum” in firstStick of the holy spirit hospital directly over the theatre premises opens. Damit geht ein lang gehegter Wunschtraum Hannelore Marschall-Oehmichens在Erüllung。 In a permanent exhibition well-known “star at threads” like the Urmel, Jim button and Kalle the Wirsch is shown. In four-monthly changing special exhibitionsboth figures from the Fundus and from other theatres and collections are presented to different, often current doll theatre topics.

list of the TV and cinema productions


  • Peter and the wolf (s/w, film, 1953)
  • the smallPrince (s/w, film, 1954, twice live sent)
  • Bällchen Schnellchen (s/w, film, 1954)
  • the singer war of the heath hares (s/w, film, 1954)
  • (the play of) Doctor Johannes Faustus (s/w, film, 1954)
  • Peter and the wolf (s/w, film, 1954)
  • the princess on the pea(s/w, film, 1954)
  • Abdallah and its donkey (s/w, film, 1954)
  • pc. Nikolaus in emergency (s/w, film, 1954)
  • the Chinese nightingale (s/w, film, 1954)
  • the beautiful one and the beast (s/w, film, 1954)
  • the Triptychon of the holy three kings (s/w, film,1954)
  • Schneewittchen (s/w, film, 1955)
  • dwarf nose (s/w, film, 1955)
  • Kabarett in the Karneval (s/w, film, 1955)
  • the play of Don Quichote (s/w, film, 1955)
  • Gullivers journey after Lilliput (s/w, film, 1955)
  • Peter and the wolf (s/w, film, 1955)
  • the songthe sounds (s/w, film, 1956)
  • Hans in the luck (s/w, film, 1956)
  • the singer war of the heath hares (s/w, film, 1956)
  • star at threads (s/w, film, 1956)
  • the ghost of Canterville (s/w, film, 1956)
  • Peter and the wolf (s/w, film, 1957)
  • the smallGrumble (s/w, 2 consequences, 1957)
  • Chantecler, the proud cock (s/w, film, 1957)
  • the beautiful one and the beast (s/w, film, 1957)
  • the princess on the pea (s/w, film, 1957)
  • Schneeweis and rose-red (s/w, film, 1957)
  • Cenodoxus - Doctor of Paris (s/w,Film, 1958)
  • of Fischer and its wife (s/w, film, 1958)
  • Pepino and its donkey (s/w, film, 1958)
  • the mummy family, 1. Relay (s/w, 6 consequences, 1959)
    1. the mysterious find
    2. the conversion
    3. the jungle
    4. the trip
    5. the guests
    6. the large celebration
  • Family spoon ear (s/w, film, 1959)
  • Mrs. Holle (s/w, 1 consequence, 1959)
  • like the Eselchen the Christian child looked for (s/w, film, 1959)
  • Aladdin and the miracle lamp (s/w, film, 1959)


  • the mummy family, 2. Relay storm in the mummy valley (s/w, 6Consequences, 1960)
    1. storm in the mummy valley
    2. the theatre
    3. Emma
    4. the forest
    5. the general sample
    6. at home
  • (the old doll play of) Doctor Johannes Faustus (s/w, film, 1960)
  • Jim button and Lukas, the Lokomotivführer (s/w, 5 consequences, 1961)
    1. on Lummerland
    2. in China
    3. in thatThe wild
    4. kite city
    5. the home coming
  • Jim button and the savage 13 (s/w, 5 consequences, 1962)
    1. the magnet mountain
    2. the Perpetumobile
    3. Molly
    4. the sea-battle
    5. Jamballa
  • the small prince (s/w, film, 1962)
  • so rear one and the white horse (s/w, film, 1962)
  • the smallthick knights Oblong Fitz Oblong (s/w, 6 consequences)
    1. baron Bolligru
    2. of the Drache
    3. the bewitched apple
    4. Obidiah Hoppelpopp
    5. new of the kite
    6. the lock FE storage
  • Kater Mikesch (s/w, 6 consequences, 1964)
    1. a Kater, that to speak
    2. the cream pot Mikesch
    3. knows is away
    4. Maunzerle
    5. circus Klutzky
    6. Mikeschhome we
  • turns waits auf's Christian child (s/w, film, 1964)
  • the lion is the matter (5 consequences, 1965)
    1. the lion is loosely
    2. the storm
    3. of the Kakadu in emergencies
    4. of the Sultan in the trap
    5. lion well, everything well
  • the museum rats, 1. Relay (s/w,3 consequences, 1965)
    1. in the German leather goods museum open brook
    2. in the traffic museum Nuremberg
    3. in the William shrub museum Hanover, in the Muenchhausen museum Bodenwerder and in the Till owl mirror museum Schöppenstedt
  • a lion comes flown (4 consequences, 1966)
    1. the Krozeppon
    2. the all around Rummelfest
    3. Drunter and Drüber
    4. the department store
  • of the robbersHotzenplotz (s/w, film, 1966)
  • the wolf and the 7 Geisslein (ital., s/w, film, 1966)
  • of Fischer and its wife (ital., s/w, film, 1966)
  • the zertanzten shoes ((ital., s/w, film, 1966)
  • Rumpelstilzchen (ital., s/w, film, 1966)
  • the museum rats, 2. Relay (s/w,3 consequences, 1966)
    1. in the overseas museum Bremen
    2. in the doll theatre collection of the city Munich
    3. in the army-historical museum Vienna
  • property roared, lion (4 consequences, 1967)
    1. the journey to the far country
    2. the duel
    3. the flying carpet
    4. the ghost
  • pc. Nikolaus in emergency (ital.,s/w, film, 1967)
  • like the Eselchen the Christian child looked for (ital., s/w, film, 1967)
  • Mrs. Holle (ital., s/w, film, 1967)
  • Peter and the wolf (ital., s/w, film, 1967)
  • the museum rats, 3. Relay (s/w, 1 consequence, 1967)
    1. attendance in the museum of musical instruments Berlin
  • BillBo and its Kumpane (4 consequences, 1968)
    1. the plan
    2. the attack
    3. the ruse
    4. in the trap
  • I wünsch' me which, 1. Relay (s/w, 6 consequences, 1968)
  • Urmel from the ice (4 consequences, 1969)
    1. the iceberg
    2. the shot
    3. the adventure
    4. The rescue
  • I wünsch' me which, 2. Relay (s/w, 9 consequences, 1969)


  • small king Kalle Wirsch (4 consequences, 1970)
    1. the conspiracy
    2. in danger
    3. the trap
    4. the duel
  • we waits auf's Christian child (film, 1970)
  • I wünsch' mewhich, 3. Relay (s/w + color, 23 consequences, 1970)
  • 3:0 for the beards (4 consequences, 1971)
    1. the charm tire
    2. the wondrous journey
    3. the island of the laughter
    4. the bad Sabor
  • the stone time children (4 consequences, 1972)
    1. travel to Egypt
    2. Urlympi plays
    3. island journeys
    4. space adventures
  • We Gothamite (13 consequences, 1972)
    1. the ways of Schilda
    2. like the Gothamites a city hall build
    3. the Salzkraut
    4. from the Schweinehirt to the mayor
    5. the attendance of the emperor
    6. a fur for the Mrs. Bürgermeisterin
    7. if a Gothamite the head lose
    8. the large sausage
    9. Where a Gothamite the heart has
    10. the sunk bell
    11. of the foreigner with the shears
    12. of dreams of a sign citizen
    13. the mouse dog
  • the museum rats, 4. Relay (2 consequences, 1972)
    1. in Augsburger museums
    2. attendance in the German bread museum, salt museum and jewel museum
  • nature and technology, 1.Relay (1 consequence, 1972)
    1. which is air?
  • Don sheet metal and the golden Junker (4 consequences, 1973)
    1. hollow head and Scheppertonne
    2. the Didniks
    3. Nassi
    4. a celebration
  • courageous cutter flax (film, 1973)
  • nature and technology, 2. Relay (4 consequences, 1973)
    1. why ships it swims
    2. Gold hamster
    3. only one candle…
    4. How is with the telephone?
  • Urmel plays Naftaline Zwengelmann the mad dream in the lock (
    1. 4
    2. consequences
    3. , 1974)
    4. expenditure-dreams
  • nature and technology, 3. Relay (4 consequences, 1974)
    1. an egg
    2. ice
    3. the bicycle learns gold
    4. to run
  • Kite does not have everyone (4 consequences, 1975)
  • the small grumbles (film, 1975)
  • thinks and thought (nature and technology), 4. Zoo report clocks time where is the snow
    1. from
    2. the last year measures
    3. relay (6 consequences, 1975)?
    4. The balloon journey
    5. the record
    6. the roll rollmops
  • Jim button and Lukas, which Lokomotivführer (4 consequences, 1976)
    1. from Lummerland to China
    2. from China into the desert
    3. from the desert into the kite city
    4. from the kite city to Lummerland
  • think and thought, 5. Relay (3 consequences, 1976)
    1. screws everywhere
    2. In the coal mountain
    3. adventure in heath and moorland
  • Jim button and the savage 13 (4 consequences, 1977)
    1. Saturdays full from Lummerland
    2. to the magnet mountain of the magnet mountain into
    3. the desert from the desert
    4. to China from China
  • to Jamballa one week (film, 1977)
  • The cold heart (film, 1978)
  • lord Schmetterhemd (4 consequences, 1978)
    1. attendance from the the other world
    2. the large Koyote
    3. the deadly Colt
    4. the spirit of the large buffalo
  • painted painting tooth machts possible (film, 1979)
  • we waits auf's Christian child (film, 1979)


  • the Opodeldoks (4 consequences, 1980)
    1. the country behind the mountains
    2. in the Waldland
    3. the Gockelhöhle
    4. old person relationship
  • on Saturday came the Sams back (film, 1980)
  • 5 on the apple star (4 consequences)
    1. planet of the Dergln
    2. the ball fish balloon
    3. caution, roasting apple!
    4. The red Kohl moon
  • So rear ones and the white horse (film, 1981)
  • cat with hat (4 consequences, 1982)
    1. baking plum avenue 17
    2. large tumult
    3. treasure in the cellar
    4. the natural scientists
  • cloud riders and son (film, 1982)
  • new of the cat with hat (4 consequences, 1983)
    1. tumult over(film
    2. , 1983
    3. )
    4. the dance bear fairy tale (4
  • consequences, 1984) won the Zappergeck the vice-cat birthday history the large
  • Schläfrigkeit like the mole almost in the Lotterie
    1. Atta and Mumma
    2. bear hunt
    3. surge tank
    4. the large cave
  • Abdallah and its donkey (film, 1984)
  • Kater Mikesch(4 consequences)
    1. a Kater learns bad
    2. times for
    3. ghosts (film,
    4. 1986)
  • to speak the cream pot into the far world circus
  • Klutzky the forgotten door (film, 1985)
  • sling of the green star (4 consequences, 1986)
    1. from Balda to Terra
    2. a strange ground connection night
    3. Circus Lominotti
    4. the deadly order
  • sling - new adventures on Terra (4 consequences, 1987)
    1. summer celebration
    2. the publicity film
    3. bank robbery
    4. the dear
  • Mr. Teufel (film, 1987) awakes to sling
  • the weather organ (film, 1988)
  • a small magic flute (film, 1988)
  • Miriams journey on the moon jet(Film, 1988)
  • Caruso & cost, 4 consequences, 1989)
    1. a beautiful summer
    2. the mummy
    3. river travel
    4. theatre
  • Aladdin and the miracle lamp (2 consequences, 1989)


  • the prince von Pumpelonien (4 consequences, 1990)
    1. excitement in the lock
    2. kite alarm
    3. insult and dishonor
    4. The large bang
  • which comes forwards in the Ofenrohr (2 consequences, 1990)
    1. Lirumlarum
    2. Ichnicht and Ichschon
  • of three jungle detectives (6 consequences, 1991)
    1. goes the Kartenklau around
    2. Mr. Pandas secretnesses
    3. the water battle
    4. the secret of the moving refrigerator
    5. Zapp is a trap
    6. kite theft
  • thatCastle ghost Lülü (4 consequences, 1992)
    1. the tournament
    2. the Komplott
    3. the assault
    4. release
  • Zauberer Schmollo (4 consequences, 1993)
    1. of the unknown quantity
    2. the search
    3. in shank
    4. the decision
  • the robbery of the midnight sun (4 consequences, 1994)
    1. four friends of the garbage
    2. Sigis adventure
    3. oneingenious idea
    4. the fight for the sun
  • the story of Monty crank-corrode (motion picture film, 1997)


  • Lilalu in the Schepperland, 1. Relay (6 consequences, 2000)
    1. stupid run
    2. way like nix
    3. property gezaubert
    4. fixed gereimt
    5. however funny
    6. Ausgetrixt
  • Lilalu inSchepperland, feature version
  • Lilalu in the Schepperland - Hokuspokus around Lilalu, 2. Relay (7 consequences, 2001)
    1. Schlaraffia
    2. in the valley of the nebula women
    3. the castle of the Zauberer
    4. attack of the killer snails
    5. prince Uloxander
    6. the last drop
    7. Hokus well, Pokus well!
  • Augusta KASPERLicorum (film, 2004)
  • Ralphi- The smart bear from Augsburger doll crate, 6 relays à 12 consequences, 2004-2006)
    1. archaeology (1. Relay)
    2. of music instruments
    3. robot
    4. fossils
    5. radiology
    6. brush and pins
    7. steam engine
    8. coins
    9. weather
    10. inventor
    11. organ
    12. castles
    13. state criminal police agency (2. Relay)
    14. navigation
    15. of rivers
    16. of medicines
    17. bunch farm
    18. paper
    19. dance
    20. clocks
    21. of teeth
    22. Aerial ropeway
    23. newspaper
    24. crane
    25. of trees (3. Relay)
    26. fireworks
    27. glacier
    28. of camels
    29. land surveying
    30. helicopter
    31. animal male nurse
    32. sugar
    33. owner of lock
    34. veterinary surgeon
    35. Türme
    36. baker
    37. airfield (4. Relay)
    38. roundabout
    39. heating
    40. dialect
    41. cinema
    42. land advice
    43. of butterflies
    44. of police dogs
    45. mills
    46. mayors
    47. Tierheim
    48. University of
    49. choir (5. Relay)
    50. meteorites
    51. porcelain
    52. gold silver sheet metal
    53. writing
    54. Composer
    55. director of museum
    56. Staatskanzlei
    57. picture postcards
    58. dirt work
    59. of workhorses
    60. caves
    61. - 72. follows
  • Kabarett of the dolls 2005 (film 2005)
  • August Mozarteum - with the Kasperl on the Mozarts' traces (film, 2006)
  • poetry of being astonished (12 consequences, 2006)

DVD publications

  • the small thickKnight (all 6 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia 2004)
  • the lion is (all 5 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia 2004) comes
  • loosely a lion flown (all 4 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia 2004)
  • property roared lion (everything4 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia 2004)
  • Bill Bo and its Kumpane (all 4 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia 2004)
  • Urmel from the ice (all 4 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia 2004)
  • small king Kalle Wirsch (everything4 consequences on a DVD as Special edition + book, by hrMedia 2005)
  • 3:0 for the beards (all 4 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia 2005)
  • Don sheet metal and the golden Junker (all 4 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia2004)
  • Urmel plays Jim button and Lukas of the Lokomotivführer (all 4 consequences of the color version on
  • a DVD, by hrMedia 2004) in the lock (all 4 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia 2004)
  • Jim button and the savage 13 (all 4 consequencesthe color version on a DVD, by hrMedia 2004)
  • one week of full Saturdays + on Saturday the Sams came back (both films on a DVD, by hrMedia 2004)
  • lord Schmetterhemd (all 4 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia 2005)
  • the Opodeldoks(all 4 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia 2006)
  • 5 on the apple star (all 4 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia 2006)
  • cat with hat (all 4 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia 2004)
  • Kater Mikesch (all 4 consequences thatColor version on a DVD, by hrMedia 2005)
  • sling of the green star (all 4 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia 2004)
  • sling of the green star - new adventures on Terra (all 4 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia 2006)
  • a smallMagic flute (by hrMedia 2006)
  • the castle ghost Lülü (all 4 consequences on a DVD, by hrMedia 2005)
  • the story of Monty Spinnerratz (by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment 2002)
  • Lilalu in the Schepperland, 1. Relay (ever a consequence on a single disk, by VCLCommunications + Cine plus Home Entertainment 2004)
  • Augusta Kasperlicorum (2004)
  • Augusta Mozarteum (German + English 2006)

As bonuses were published:

  • Painting tooth painted possible machts + 25 years Augsburger doll crate + behind the window blinds (bonus disk in the doll crate fan crate, by hrMedia 2004)
  • The museum rats, relay 1-4
    1. in the German leather goods museum open brook (up: Urmel plays 2004 in the lock, by hrMedia)
    2. in the traffic museum Nuremberg (up: Jim button and the savage 13, by hrMedia 2004)
    3. in the William shrub museum Hanover, in the Muenchhausen museum Bodenwerder and in the Till owl mirror museumSchöppenstedt (up: A lion comes flown, by hrMedia 2004)
    4. in the overseas museum Bremen (up: Sling of the green star, by hrMedia 2004)
    5. in the doll theatre collection of the city Munich (up: Well roared lion, by hrMedia 2004)
    6. in the army-historical museum Vienna (up: Cat alsoHat, by hrMedia 2004)
    7. attendance in the museum of musical instruments Berlin (up: The Sams, by hrMedia 2004)
    8. in Augsburger museums (up: Bill Bo and its Kumpane, by hrMedia 2004)
    9. attendance in the German bread museum, salt museum and jewel museum (up: The small thick knight, by hrMedia2004)
  • Nature and technology/think and thought
    1. clocks measure time (up: 5 on the apple star, by hrMedia 2006)
    2. an egg (up: The Opodeldoks, by hrMedia 2006)
    3. screws everywhere (up: Sling of the green star - new adventures on Terra, byhrMedia 2006)
  • Augusta Mozarteum (up: A small magic flute, by hrMedia 2006)


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