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Month pictureAugust from the Très Riches Heures. It points the Ausritt of an elegant society to the falcon hunt. The long bar, which the Falkner with itself leads, served for the Aufschrecken of the booty birds.

August (harvest month, ear month, Sichelmonat, Ernting, lat. Augustus)the respected month of the yearly is in the Gregorian calendar.


August has 31 days and became in the year 8 v. Chr. after the Roman emperor Augustus designated, there it in this month its first consulate began.

In the Roman calendar August was originally the sixth month, and had before its renaming the name Sextilis (lat. sex = six). In the year 153 v. Chr. became the beginning of the year however on the 1. January shifts.

The Sextil had originally 29 days and got by Julius Caesars reform 30. Around length to give as July, designated the same after renaming, after Caesar it received thereby 31 to it. Day at expense of February.With of the daily lengths of the following months Septembers, Octobers, November and December (31 and 30 days) would have turned around, there otherwise three months (July until Septembers) with 31 days each would have directly one another followed.

August begins in leap years with the same weekday as February.

August is also a male first name: August (first name), however is stressed these contrary to the names of the month on the first syllable.

Sometimes the name is used August also as pointed name, z. B.stupid August.

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