August Böckh

Philipp August Böckh (* 24. November 1785 in Karlsruhe; † 3. August 1867 in Berlin) was a German classical Philologe and antiquity researcher.

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August Böckh studied min oem ( resounded 1806) since 1803 under Friedrich August wolf in resounds, attained a doctorate with the Commentatio in Platonis qui vulgo fertur, became 1806 by Schleiermacher member of the educational seminar to Berlin, 1807 more extraordinarily and 1809 tidy professor of the philology in Heidelberg, 1811 in Berlin, beside it director of the philological, 1820 also the educational seminar. Since 1830 appointed the secret government advice, also member of the citizens of Berlin like most European academies, he died at the 3. August 1867 in Berlin as one of the gefeiertsten scholars of its time. Böckh was first, which provided validity höhern for the view of the philology, according to which the same was to exist in the comprehensive knowledge and reproduction of the antiquity in its whole.


of Hauptwerke

  • the state household of the Athener (Berlin 1817, 2 Bde. ; English. of Lewis, Lond. 1828; 2. Aufl. 1843; franz. of Laligand, Par. 1828)
  • Metrologi investigations over weights, Münzfusse and mass of the antiquity (that. 1838; partly the first mentioned work in the 2. Edition (Berl. 1851 to 1852, 2 Bde.) inserted)
  • documents over naval affairs of the attischen State of (that. 1840; partly the first mentioned work in the 2. Edition (Berl. 1851 to 1852, 2 Bde.) inserted)
  • the expenditure (Leipz. 1811 to 1821, 4 Tle.)
  • corpus inscriptionum graecarum (Berl. 1828-77, 4 Bde. ; Bd. 3 and. 4 of Franz, Curtius, Kirchhoff and Röhl, 1877).

smaller writings

  • Graecae tragoediae principum, Aeschyli, Sophoclis, Euripidis, num I/O quae supersunt et genuina omnia sint (Heidelb. 1808)
  • “the verse mass” (Berl. 1809)
  • “the theories of the Pythagoreers Philolaos together with the fragments” (that. 1819)
  • the expenditure of the Sophoklei Antigone (that. 1843, new expenditure. 1884)
  • the investigations printed from the magazine for science of history:
    • Manetho and the dog star period (that. 1845);
    • Investigations on the cosmic system of the Platon (that. 1852)
    • To the history of the Mondcyklen of the Hellenen (Leipz. 1855);
    • Epigraphisch chronological studies (2. Contribution for the history of the Mondcyklen, that. 1856);
    • Over the four years old sun circles of the old persons (Berl. 1863).

Also the memoirs of the citizens of Berlin academy, the theses of the philological society and other magazines contain rich essays of Böckh. Besides it held a number of excellent talking in Latin and German language as a professor of the Beredsamkeit at the university, as well as first secretary of the academy. These small writings were collected published by Ascherson, Bratuscheck and Eichholtz (Leipz. 1858-74, 7 Bde.). Böckh has also substantial portion of the new expenditure of the works Friedrichs D. Gr. From the original booklets of his 1809-65 lectures held publish Bratuscheck the “Encyklopädie and methodology of the philological sciences” (Leipz. 1877). “Exchange of letters between August B. and Karl Otfried Mueller ", a 20jährigen period comprehensively, appeared Leipzig 1883. Its life described Klausen into of Hoffmann “life pictures of famous human” (Leipz. 1837). See. Sachse, memories of B. (Berl. 1868); Strongly (in the negotiations of the peppering citizens Philologen meeting of 1868).

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