August Eberhard Mueller

August Eberhard Mueller (* 13. December 1767 in Northeim; † 3. December 1817 in Weimar) was a German composer, organist and a Thomaskantor.

Mueller received first music instruction from his father, who was organist, and arose already eight-year old publicly. He came then as a pupil of Johann Christoph Friedrich brook to Bueckeburg, where it was until 1788 also organist of the Ulrichskirche. Since 1789 it worked as conductor, teacher and organist in Magdeburg.

On recommendation Johann Friedrich Reichardts, which he had become acquainted with 1792 in Berlin, it received the Organistenstelle to 1794 to the Nikolaikirche in Leipzig. 1800 it became Adjunkt of the Thomaskantors Johann Adam Hiller, which it followed after its death 1804 in the office. 1810 he became a grossherzoglicher Kapellmeister in Weimar.

Mueller rendered services around the care of the works of brook and the spreading of the works of the Viennese classical period. 1801 it directed the first performance of the “seasons” from Haydn outside from Vienna. It composed two concerts, fourteen Sonaten, Capricen and other pieces for the piano. Continued to write it sieve flute concerts and further works for flute and orchestra as well as Etüden for flute and piano.

Its son Theodor Amadeus Mueller (* 20. May 1798 in Leipzig, † 11. March 1846 in Weimar) received Violinunterricht with Louis Spohr and was Violonist of the grossherzoglichen chapel Weimar. It composed numerous Soli and Duette for violin, which became estimated its time beside orchestra works.


  • “guidance to exact and correct lecture of the Mozart´ Clavierconcerte with intention of correct Applicatur” Leipzig 1797

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