August Eigruber

August Eigruber (* 16. April 1907 in Steyr; † 28. May 1947 in Landsberg at the Lech) was NSDAP Gauleiter of upper Danube and national captain of upper Austria.

After the attendance of the middle school it completed training as the measurement technician and precision mechanic at the Austrian federal institute for iron - and treatment of steel. Afterwards it was active in its occupation.

In November 1922 it joined the National Socialist worker youth of Austria, whose leader became he 1925 as a member. In April 1928 it joined the NSDAP , whose semidirect line for Steyr country transferred it in October 1930.

Because of its manipulation for the NSDAP forbidden in Austria Eigruber was condemned 1934 to some months detention, which he had to serve among other things in the notion camp in Wöllersdorf.

Starting from May 1935 Eigruber gau managing director of the legal party was in gau upper Austria and took over starting from 1936 the complete gau line. After „the connection “it became to 14. March 1938 appointed the national captain. Since that 10. April 1938 functioned Eigruber additionally as Ministerialrat.

Briefly before, in March 1938, Eigruber had occurred the SA, in which he had the rank of a brigade leader. To 22. It changed May 1938 into the SS as a banner leader.

At the 1. April 1940 it was used as realm governor von Oberdonau, who in November 1942 the appointment as the realm defense commissioner took place. In June 1943 Eigruber was carried to the SS-Obergruppenführer.

Immediately after the unconditional total surrender of the armed forces in May 1945 he was arrested in the salt chamber property by the US army, and asked as a witness with the Nürnberger processes.

During the duty living process so mentioned a US military court condemned it in March 1946 in DAK-strikes because of its responsibility for the crimes in the KZ duty living to death.

The judgement became to 28. May 1947 executes.

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