August Euler

August Euler actually A. Reith (* 20. November 1868 in Oelde; † 1. July 1957 in field mountain (Black Forest)), German flight pioneer opened the first German factory for power planes with Darmstadt. 1908 in Griesheim created the first airfield of Germany. Euler shifted his factory 1911 into the proximity Frankfurt quarters of the Niederrad. Graduate of the first officially prescribed, internationally valid pilot examination in Germany. It received at the 1. February 1910 for it the pilot patent “Germany No. 1". Opened 1912 in Niederrad a further airfield with flight school and workshops.

The German Federal Armed Forces designated it in honours an airbus A310 March MedEvac and it give August Euler aviation price of the technical University of Darmstadt.

On since 1992 any more by the USA not used airfield Griesheim is not since then aviation a museum with support of the technical University of Darmstadt in the structure - with an emphasis “August Euler”.

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