August Hergenhahn

Hergenhahn in a lithography by 1848

Jacob Ludwig Philipp August Franz Hergenhahn (* 16. April 1804 in Usingen, † 29. December 1874 in Wiesbaden) was a nassauischer liberal politician.

After study that of right - and August Hergenhahn 1824 in Heidelberg one attained a doctorate to political sciences at the University of Goettingen and the University of Heidelberg. Subsequently, more arbeiteter it at the nassauischen Appelations and yard court in Usingen and Wiesbaden.

1832 separated Hergenhahn for political reasons from the government service and worked as a lawyer in Wiesbaden. It became member of the resounding garden circle around Johann Adam von Itzstein and maintained contacts to prominent liberal politicians such as Hans man, Gagern and Bassermann.

After the duchy Nassau experienced a liberal reform politics starting from 1841, Hergenhahn occurred 1841 again the government service and worked until 1848 at the Oberappelationsgericht Wiesbaden.

1846 he was selected for Wiesbaden into the Deputiertenversammlung of the duchy, whose president became he 1848. Shortly thereafter it separated from the parliament, since he became in April 1848 an Prime Minister of the March government of the duchy. In the September of the same yearly it was appointed additionally as the nassauischen authorized person with the provisional central power.

After Hergenhahn at the Heppenheimer conference, which Vorparlament had participated and in different popular assemblies and member of the fifties-committee was, it became to 18. May of 1848 delegates for Wiesbaden in the Frankfurt national assembly, which it up to 30. June 1849 belonged. In the Paulskirche ranked it among the prominent representatives of the Casino parliamentary group and was member in numerous committees, under it the constitution committee. In November 1848 it was at short notice active as a realm commissioner of the central power for Prussia, in order to negotiate with the Prussian government about the realm condition.

Likewise in June 1849 it separated from its nassauischen offices and worked again on the upper court of appeal. In July 1849 Hergenhahn became additional member of the publisher committee of the German newspaper, for which he already wrote since their establishment as a correspondent from Nassau.

1850 it belonged to the Erfurter union parliament.

1863 he became a director of the Nassaui Landesbank, before he vorstandt between 1866 and again 1867 in Prussian order of the nassauischen government. 1867 it was briefly member in Reichstag for Wiesbaden.


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