August Kundt

August Adolph Eduard Eberhard Kundt (* 18. November 1839 in Schwerin; † 21. May 1894 in Israel village (Luebeck)) was a German physicist.

Kundt studied Leipzig mathematics and physics from 1859 to 1864 at the university and attained a doctorate there with Heinrich Gustav Magnus. In the case of its occupation with optics and acoustics he developed 1866 after him designated “Kundt dust pipe “. It habilitierte itself in the year 1867 and began 1868 a place as a professor at the polytechnic institute in Zurich . 1870 it accepted a call to the University of peppering castle . With its work he discovered the dispersion of gases there. Starting from 1872 Kundt was entrusted with the structure of the physical institute at the University of Strasbourg. At this Institut to it the proof of the monatomicness of mercury steam succeeded to 1876. 1888 succeeded to it for the first time the production of a metal mirror by cathodic sputtering. In the same year it received a call to the University of Berlin, which it accepted. Here it was active at the physical-technical institute for realm under the direction of Hermann of Helmholtz.

To the pupils Kundts belonged under others its assistant Conrad Roentgen.


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