August Niemann

August Niemann (nach einem Gemälde von E.V. v. Hamme 1909 zu seinem 70. Geburtstag)
August Niemann (after a painting of registered association. v. Hamme 1909 to its 70. Birthday)

August William Otto Niemann (* 27. June 1839 in Hanover; † 17. September 1919 in Dresden) was a German writer, captain, an editor, an actor and a private teacher.


August Niemann was born 1839 as a son of the lieutenant colonel and war paymaster Heinrich Niemann in Hanover. He wrote (occasionally also under the alias A. Ferrari) military writings, novels and youth writings. From 1869 to 1889 he was an editor in the publishing house house Justus Perthes and worked there among other things to short as “the Gotha” Genealogi manual de Gotha designated of the aristocracy as well as its French expenditure , the yearbook. In Gotha he married to 5. May 1870 Anna Theresia Arnoldi (* 15. October 1847 in Gotha), daughter of the Kommerzienrats Heinrich Johannes Arnoldi. From this marriage a daughter followed, Maria Niemann, who became late painter. She deceased 1968 in the monastery Mariensee.

Niemann brought the novel the world war to 1904: German dreams out, which appeared as The coming conquest OF England also in English language. This war utopia received large attention, in whose preface it already explains the British as the main enemy: ” My dreams, the dreams of a German, show me the war and victory of the three allied large nations, Germany, France, Russia, and a new distribution of the possession of the earth as final goal of this enormous world war “.

August Niemann maintained correspondence with many well-known personalities of its time: Karl May, Bertha von Suttner, August Peter man, Gustav pond Mueller, Ernst von Wildenbruch, Albert Emil curlew among other things


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