August Thalheimer

August Thalheimer

August Thalheimer (* 18. March 1884 in Affaltrach, today Obersulm, Württemberg; † 19. September 1948 in Havanna) was a German Marxist politician and theoretician.

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born as a child of a Jewish buyer family to Affaltrach (today municipality Obersulm) to Württemberg, took up it a study of the linguistics and the Ethnologie , attained a doctorate about Pronomen in the languages Mikronesien and occurred shortly thereafter the SPD .


after its graduation works it briefly as an unsalaried employee at the Leipziger people newspaper and transferred then the editorship to two the further left party wing intimate, social-democratic newspapers, the Göppinger free people newspaper (1911-1912) and with the people friend to Braunschweig (1914-1916). After outbreak of war 1914 it followed as opponents of the politicspolitics politics the circle around the SPD-left Karl dear farmhand and pink Luxembourg , who it followed in the Spartakusbund and into the KPD. Because of its anti-war activities Thalheimer in the middle of was called up 1916 into the military, where he was allowed to carry no weapon because of “political unreliability” and Nachtblindheit and as far as his dismissal in September 1918 as reinforcing soldier and interpreters was used.

From 1919 to 1924 it was member of the center of the KPD. It sketched the party program and led 1923/24 together with Heinrich Brandler the party. As a KPD functionary it turned out in conflict with starting from 1924 the prevailing „ultralinken for “party line of (Ruth Fischer and Arkadi Maslow) which it and concerning Hamburg rebellion in October 1923 accused Brandler a failure and the following years in Moscow had to spend, where it taught at the institute for Marx angel philosophy.

return to Germany

against the will of the Komintern it returned 1928 to Germany. It rejected from now to a transmission of the methods Stalins on the Komintern and on Germany, as it publicised the KPD under guidance Ernst Thälmanns uncritically, even if he remained a further orthodox Marxist and defended the Soviet Union as „socialist state “.

KPD Dissident

Thalheimer collected “right-communist” deviationists around itself and based with Heinrich Brandler the communist party opposition (KP-O), few thousand members a counting organization insignificant on choice level, which was verhöhnt of the SPD as „kp zero “. 1933 it emigrierte to France, where it led the exile structures of the KPO, of where it after the German invasion 1941 the escape to Cuba succeeded. There it died 1948.

fascism theoretician

meaning attained Thalheimer by his interpretation of fascism, which he submitted starting from 1928 in several essays. Thalheimer did not interpret it deviating from the orthodox kp interpretation and following Marx ´ for Bonapartismustheorie as straight nature-identically to capitalism: Due to a force equilibrium in the class warfare between Bourgeoisie and Proletariat would have the fascist movements in Germany and Italy with their appendix of mass from deklassierten or of the Deklassierung threatened members of all classes in relative autonomy of the Bourgeoisie the political executive to conquer to be able. Represent it objectively still the interests of the Bourgeoisie, if it defended it with means of terror against the allegedly near-storming revolution. It is won nevertheless politically independently of it, so that itself also the attempts of the fascist executive let encroachments of the fascists explain to mediate between the classes and even also against entrepreneurs. The Marburger politics scientist Wolfgang Abendroth gave change in the sixties Thalheimers essays again. They gave important impulses to the fascism-theoretical discussions of the 68er-Bewegung.

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