August Zaleski

August Zaleski

August Zaleski (* 13. September 1883 in Warsaw; † 7. April 1972 in London), was a Polish diplomat and politician 20. Century.

By occupation historian and economist (it studied among other things to London School OF Economics and Political Science) Zaleski occurred 1918 the service of the Polish State Department and the envoy of Poland Berne was appointed. In the years 1919 to 1926 it was active as a Polish diplomat in Greece and Italy. After the Józef Piłsudski - Putsch of 12. May 1926 he was appointed in the same year the Polish minister of foreign affairs and held this office until 1932 , afterwards he was in the years 1935 to 1939 of chairmen of the supervisory board of the Polish mercantile bank.

In the emigration starting from 1939 it was to 1941 ministers of foreign affairs of the Polish government-in-exile and withdrew from protest against general Władysław Sikorskis ( the Prime Minister was) politics of the approximation to the USSR . 1943 to 1945 he was a boss of the Präsidentenkanzlei.

After the death of Władysław Raczkiewicz he transferred the office of the president in the year 1947 in the exile. Its constitutionally permissible two office periods to seven years each should run off 1961, (it had even committed itself to retire 1954 and to leave the office the general Kazimierz Sosnkowski). Zaleski refused however withdrawing and remained an exile president up to its death 1972, which led to the fact that the majority that exile Poland (over 80%) with Edward Raczyński, general Władysław differently and the former Minister Tomasz Arciszewski at the point (those the so-called. Three-advice educated), to it the Gefolgschaft quit. Zaleski died in the Londoner exile.

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