August von Parseval

August von Parseval (* 5. February 1861 in Frankenthal (Pfalz), † 22. February 1942 in Berlin) was a German technical designer of airships.

From Parseval the royally Bavarian PAGE corps in Munich as a boy from 1873 to 1878 , which it, visitedwith the wo1 exam locked. Afterwards it changed into the royally Bavarian 3. Infantry regiment “prince Carl von Bayern”. As an autodidact busy it itself with problems of the Aeronautik. In the garrison town Augsburg he came into contact with August Riedinger and learned there also its later partner Rudolf Hans Bartsch of victory field knows, with which he developed the Drachenballons. These were used as observation balloons with the military.

Parseval PL 6

in the year 1901 began Parseval and victory field with the building of a guidable airship. After the sudden death of victory field during a free balloon landing 1902the work was interrupted until 1905.

By the developments of the engine construction then also an appropriate power supply unit was available. Up to the end of the First World War still 22, stout, partly keel airships of the type Parseval was partly built. End of the twenties and at the beginning of the thirtiesfour further keel airships were built after the Parseval Naatz - principle.

Now and then, particularly in historical documents, also the way of writing Parzeval or Parceval emerges .

The travels of everyone „Parseval “excited, like the first large travels of the Zeppeline, high attention. In Kiel only 2002 closed oneTavern, which had been designated with the first attendance one of these airships 1912 „to the Parseval “.

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