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Augusts Escoffier (* 28. October 1846 in Villeneuve Loubet; † 12. February 1935 in Monte Carlo) was a French master cook, who attained Guide Culinaire world fame by its publication.

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Auguste Escoffier
Escoffiers Augusts

Escoffier Escoffier 1846 in Villeneuve Loubet, a place close Nice. With 13 years small Augusts in the restaurant of its uncle apprentice becomes; there he learns not only the fine kitchen, but also the service and the purchase. After its Lehrjahren Escoffier changes into the hotel Bellevue with Nice and from there 1865 into the Petit Moulin Rouge in Paris, where he dresses first the rank of a Commis Rôtisseur, then that of the Sauciers. It carries out its military service from 1866 to 1871 as a boss de Cuisine at the French general staff, when it turns out in the French-German war in Metz into German shank.

Again in liberty, Escoffier cooks 1872 one season in Nice as a boss de Cuisine in the hotel Luxembourg. 1873 it returns as a kitchen boss to the Petit Moulin Rouge to Paris . 1876 open A. Escoffier in Cannes its first own restaurant, the golden pheasant, is however parallel also still in the Petit Moulin Rouge active, where he its commitment only to 15. August 1878 gives up.

To 28. August marries he dolphins Daffis, with which he had three children: Paul, Daniel and Germaine. 1879 he transfers the management of the Maison Chevet at the royal palace to Paris. Starting from 1880 several stations follow as a kitchen boss (Casino à Boulogne sur Mer, restaurant Maire in Paris) before it 1884 of Cesar cut into Monte Carlo as a kitchen boss one obligates - at the beginning of a longer fruitful co-operation with Caesar cut. Escoffier begins to think the traditional kitchen out again and writes to 1885 its second book “Fleurs EN cire” over its hobby wax flowers.

there 1890 transfer Escoffier the management of the kitchens of the Savoy hotel to London, a house, that by its fastidious mechanism and the internationality of the guests world-famous actual in such a way live apart from the international elite many Exilanten, among them the duke d'Orléans; the singer Nellie Melba lives there 1892 - 1893.

From 1890 1897 Augusts Escoffier will serve the large one of this world and some its world-famous courts will create: Seezungenfilet Coquelin, flambierter lobster, poultry à la Derby and the peach Melba.

After disputes with the owners of the Savoy Escoffier with the majority of its kitchen brigade leaves the Savoy “with flying flags”.

To 5. June 1898 opens Caesar cuts into of Paris a further hotel of its society: That cut to the Place Vendôme. Escoffier is entrusted with the organization of the kitchen, whose management he takes over directly. Success cut is overwhelming - also owing to a meanwhile firm Gourmet Anhängerschaft Escoffiers, which follows it European-wide.

1899 return Escoffier to London, in order further kitchens to cut Carl clay/tone and into cut London to organize and lead. Until 1920 Escoffier in this arrangement between London and Paris works. 1903 it publishes its most well-known work, the Guide Culinaire.

Different journeys lead Escoffier among other things into the USA, where he celebrates 1909 a service anniversary and donates the rights to its war memories as a cook in favor of a home for the elderly for cooks in France. In the war year 1914 Escoffier creates a committee, in order to support families of French cooks, who were called in France to the war service. 73-jährig writes it to 1919 its memoirs “L'aide mémoire culinaire”. With an attendance of the French president this Escoffier at the 11 raises Raymond Poincaré in London. September 1919 to the knight of the Ehrenlegion France.

1920 leave Escoffier Carl clay/tone and London, in order to withdraw itself into Monte Carlo with its wife to the old person part. In the retirement dormant, he does not undertake numerous journeys in France, in order to pass its specialized knowledge on on exhibitions and culinary competitions. Also Escoffier publishes further: 1920 appear the fourth expenditure of the “Guide Culinaire”, 1923 publish it the Erstfassung its “l'Aide mémoire culinaire”.

To 12. February 1935 deceases to Escoffier in Monte Carlo, two weeks after its wife of dolphins. Buried the family Escoffier is close in in Villeneuve Loubet.


the work “Guide Culinaire” is considered as the formal basis of the cook art 20. Century, Escoffier themselves as Reformator of an all too formal and few on clarity considered kitchen. Differently than its colleagues the time at that time it simplified the complicated buffet way of courts and made it easier and more digestible. It contradicted the view at that time, a menu must of a multiplicity of courses consist.

Escoffier is considered as a creator of the Grand Cuisine and as the Gestalter of large kitchen organizations, by making the arbeitsteilige organization more efficient by specialization of the cooks on posts. Escoffier was a calm and calm kitchen boss, altogether stood it 63 years of its life at the stove. Thus it holds to today the kitchen record.


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