Augustin cellar

Augustin Keller
Augustin cellar

Augustin cellar (* 10. November 1805 in Sarmenstorf, † 8. January 1883 in Aarau) was a Swiss politician from the canton Aargau and one the joint founder of the Christian-catholic church. It is considered as trip of the Aargauer of monastery controversy and was responsible thereby for the abolition of all Aargauer of monasteries in the year 1841.

After the theology study in Breslau cellar worked first in Luzern as a teacher and was from 1834 to 1856 director of the Aargaui teacher min acre (first in Aarau, later in Wettingen). In this function it rendered large services with the structure of the training system in the canton Aargau.

By far more well-known it was however as liberal-radical politicians and as sharp critics of the Roman-catholic church (although it was catholic). 1835 were selected into the large advice (parliament) of the canton Aargau, to which he belonged until 1856. After a conflict like civil war between government troops and catholic insurgent in January 1841 designated cellar in a speech generally speaking advice the monasteries as progress hostile and made it responsible for the riot. Thereupon the government let all monasteries of the canton Aargau waive. The Aargauer monastery controversy released an international crisis and flowed finally in the special federation war of 1847, which one year followed after the establishment of the Swiss Federal State.

From 1848 to 1881 cellar on national level was politically active and belonged nearly continuously to the national council or the condition advice . 1871/72 he was a condition advice president. From 1856 to 1881 it was besides government advice of the canton Aargau (after it had already had 1848 for short time this office). It supported the complete equal rights of the Jews .

Cellar condemned 1870 as a president of the catholic church advice of the Aargaus the infallibility dogma of Pope Pius IX. and the education of an independent Swiss national church demanded during the culture fight. It was one the joint founder of the new Christian-catholic church and 1875 to the first president of the Synodalrates was selected.

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