of these articles acts the execution, issuing a document of the public meeting, the expression exhibition designation also.

An exhibition (also exposition) is a public meeting, with which exhibition objects (“exhibits “) are shown a public.

On the basis the kind of the exhibits can one differentiates between:

beside durable exhibitions, z. B. the normal constant inventory of a museum or a part of it, gives it also to special exhibitions:

A special exhibition is an exhibition, which is thematic and temporally limited. It has a question (thesis), on the basisthat the objects into a context to be placed. I.e. the arrangement of the objects actually, which does not become adding media such as light, colors, walls, televisions, slides, clay/tone and music the stress of the individual articles used, but for the answer of the thesis.

Becomes a special exhibition offand at another place again developed, one calls her also an itinerant exhibition.

The place, at which it takes place, is usually public, a city hall, a fair, a church or a museum. Differently than a museum it can be commercially aligned.

See also: Fair


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