Austin (Texas)

Austin, Texas
Austin, Texas
Austin, Texas

Austin is the capital and with 681.804 inhabitants (conditions 1. July 2004) the fourth largest city of Texas. It is because of the Colorado River and has a surface of 669,3 km ². With the German Koblenz for many decades a partnership between cities is maintained.

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1835 was created the city under the name Waterloo ([ˌwɔːtəɹˈluː]), 1838 however in honoursof Stephen F. Austin, the founder of then independent Texas, renamed. Since 1839 Austin is capital of Texas…


large employers of the city are Dell computer, Motorola, IBM and Hewlett-Packard. Because of this accumulation Austin becomes, following Silicone Valley and in allusion on the hilly landscape, also “silicone Hills” mentioned.

science and research

admits is in Austin above all the university of Texas. It is with approximately 50000 students on the Campus one of the largest universities of the united ones States, and under the best public schools of the country. Besides still some smaller private universities are settled, among them Concordia University and Saint Edward's, both Christian colleges in Austin.


the daily paper for Austin is the Austin American Statesman. In addition becomes on the Campusthe University OF Texas the student newspaper The DAILY Texan given change. The local meeting magazine is the appearing weekly Austin Chronicle. The local Radiosender KGSR offers local message from politics, society and above all an excerpt from the domestic music offer. National and international message sends KUT,the local transmitter national publicly radio of the network.

spare time

belonged to the most popular leisure activities in the summer an attendance of bar clay/tone jump, an open-rir swimming pool, which is fed from a natural source. In the city center is the Sixth Street (6. Road) because of theirnumerous (music) taverns of one of the points of main attraction. Several seas in the closer environment offer bath possibilities and possibilities for water haven.

In the evening the innumerable music bars load to listen and/or. dance. Blues skirt and Country of many native and more or less world-well-known become traditional in youStar required. Long years was the “Armadillo” a visitor place for music meetings, important for the USA. Now a parking lot is on the area. The appointed “live music Capital OF the World “(world capital of the live-music) states from itself to see that there more live-volumeif Memphis, Los Angeles as for example in Nashville , are Vegas or New York read. Therefore one of the most important meetings is, those in Austin takes place annually the “South by Southwest (SXSW) - festival “in March.


  • The “Antones” at that Fifth Street (5. Road), as Mekka of Southern State skirt and Blues music.
  • The “Continental club” in the South Congress Avenue offers since 1957 skirt vents.
  • The “Saxon Pub” in the South Lamar as homeland of the traditional singers and song writers of the Country music.


against landläufiger opinion is Texas not everywhere drying. The eastern part of Texas' is even quite green and damp, and the environment of Austin is coined/shaped by many rivers and lakes as well as almost the whole year over green landscape. A popular pastime in the warm season is accordingly swimming,Water haven, Kanufahren, or „tubing “(on inflated motor-car tires down-drive themselves a river leave).

While the landscape east of Austin quite flat and not very interesting is, is to the west of Austin Hill Country. Those approximately 100 meters high hill of this area, predominantly of green lowTrees bewachsen is settled only very thin, and is considered as one of the most beautiful areas in Texas. In the heart of Hill Country, approximately 160 km to the west of Austin, is Enchanted skirt, high from the landscape more outstanding, a semicircular granite rock 150 meters. Enchanted skirtis a popular trip goal.

partnerships between cities

sons and daughters of the city

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