Australian open

tournament place emergence date lining
Australian open Melbourne 1905 January hard place
French open Paris 1891 May/June sand
Wimbledon London 1877 June/July lawn
US open New York 1881 August. /Sept. Hard place

the Australian open are a tennis tournament in Australia. It is the first Grand Slam- Tournament of the yearly and is delivered in January in the second largest city of Australia, Melbourne. In the Melbourne park at hard places (Rebound Ace) is played. The Centre Court is had the Rod Laver arena which over 15.115 spectator places and a closable roof. Besides it givessince 2001 a second arena, the Vodafone - arena (costs: approximately 41 million €), which is likewise closable and a capacity of 10.000 places has. The British portable radio company paid altogether approximately ten million for the rights of the use of a name until 2013 €. The third biggest place is the show CourtNo. 1, since 2003 Margaret the Court arena is called and has 6.000 places. The Australian open is the largest regular sport event on the Australian continent. 2005 came 543,873 spectators in the two tournament weeks - record. If the Einzelfinals is played, 70 80% is regularthe television sets adjusted in Australia to Channel Seven ( since 1973 responsible) or Fox of sport.


in the year 1904 the Australian Lawn tennis Association based under the co-operation of Australia and New Zealand to align over the Australian championships and at the Davis Cupto participate. In November 1905 the first championship was delivered by Australia and New Zealand on the Warehouseman's Cricket Ground in Albert Park to Melbourne, in which 17 men participated. In the first final Rodney Heath won against Dr. Arthur Curtis before approximately 5,000 spectators.

In the subsequent yearsthe venues of the championships between Australia and New Zealand changed.1922 withdrew itself New Zealand from the partnership. Thereupon the tournament in Australian championships (however only 1927 ) was renamed. After Sydney (17-mal), Adelaide (14-mal), Brisbane (eight times), Perth (three times) and two delivering in New Zealand (1906 and 1912) followed 1972 the removal after Melbourne.

Since 1922 the lady single, lady double, as well as the mix OD competition (not of 1970 - 1986) are delivered. The tournament failed from 1916 to 1918 as well as from 1941 to 1945 due to the two world wars. The first finalMargaret Molesworth won. Daphne Akhurst, which achieved altogether five single titles, dominated the further years. After its death at the age of 29 years the cup in the lady single Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup was designated. The gentlemen victorious in the single competition receive the Norman Brookes ChallengeCup.

In the Sechzigern Margaret Smith Court and Rod Laver the tournament pushed their stamp open. Court won altogether eleven times the single title, eight times the double title and four times the mix OD title. 1970 had it their high point with the profit of the Grand Slam. Laver reached asonly player so far the Grand Slam twice, i.e. 1962 and 1969. It won the Australian open three times in the single.

1969 became the tournament openly and stood now under the name Australian open. 1973 became Kooyong the firm venue. Kooyong was until Decembers 1987 the venue of the Aussie open. In the year 1986 no tournament took place, because one played starting from 1987 again in January and exchanged the date with Masters. Starting from 1988 in the Flinders park (1997 renamed in Melbourne park) was played for the first time. That became at the same timePlay lining changed: On the new plant became then at hard place - so-called. Rebound Ace Courts - easily and no more on lawns.

Last Australian winners were Marks of Edmondson (1976) and Chris O'Neil (1978). Edmondson was at the time of its victory only the number 212the world rank list. No player created a Grand Slam victory with a so low Ranking - until today.

Steffi Graf triumphed here 1988 in the final against Chris Evert as prelude for golden the Slam. It was also the first final of a Grand Slam of tournament, thatunder closed roof took place.2005 and 2006 this was again the case.


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