a Autobiografie (of the Greek car, “even”, (biography) (Greek βιογραφία, of βíος - the life and γραφή - the writing) is the description of the own life.

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theory of the autobiography

Biografien consider generally a multiplicity of documents, stories and different criteria. A Autobiografie can be based alone on the self realization of a person. It standsin a double perspective: the chronicle of its own life is both subject and object of the representation. An autobiography has a double requirement: On the one hand it is to obtain the historical reality, on the other hand one it represents a literary work of art. This Grenzgängertum betweenHistory and literature refer the autobiography to an edge position of the literature-scientific questions. Nevertheless it concerns the core ranges of the literature science for systematic reasons. Autobiographies place the requirement on the historical reality, also so-called “reality”, this make the autobiography onereferentiellen text. On the other hand it is also obvious that the autobiography cannot be sufficient for this requirement, since the objective reporting, which stands subjective in relation to author position. It is obvious that nobody is able to leave the subjective perception behind itself.Already the psychoanalysis calls the self realization self knowledge. The autobiography is characterized, contrary to that purely fiktionalen kinds, by structural openness to the end: Still no autobio graph described its own death.

The term of the autobiography is flowing.Their demarcation to the memoirs experiences the autobiography as follows: Memoirs describe an experiencing of an individual as carriers of a social role (for example the president). The autobiography describes the life of humans not socialized yet, stories its and itsEducation, its growing into the society. Autobiographies usually lead up to the point, at which the reminding took its place in the society (and/or. found) and its role in it to play begins. In this senseWilliam II. writes. its memoirs; Goethe's autobiography seal and truth ends with his first large book success.

famous autobiographies

a name for such a work in the antique one was apologia. It concerned thereby rather oneJustification as around Introspektion. John Henry Newmans Autobiografie is a Apologia per vita sua. Augustinus used the title Confessiones for its auto+biographic work and Jean Jacques Rousseau took over this title on French: Confessions. The Autobiography OF Benjamin Franklin,the first secular Biografie, which was published in the USA, served later American Autobiografien than model. The most famous German-language Autobiografie is probably still Goethe's “seal and truth”.

Paul Delaney coined/shaped the expression “Ad-hoc-Autobiograpie”, in order to describe Autobiografien, thosefrom the desire to be written to use a temporary celebrity commercially. Such Autobiografien is written by routine by Ghostwritern over the life of sportsmen and medium famousnesses, partially also over politicians. Some famousnesses confessed, its own “Autobiografien” did not readto have.

Mark of Twain was probably the first person, who took up photographies to its Autobiografie.

Autobiografie in

the classical antique one with

the statement of the Greek Autobiografie

of the classical time one pushes history of the autobiography [work on]on problems. Thus there are texts with auto+biographic tendencies, but no Autobiografie actually. An example is only in fragments received the report on a journey ion of Chios (FGrHist 392 F 4-7). Also in the next two points becomes clear,that one must avail oneself of other kinds, in order to draw auto+biographic texts up.

Platons 7. Letter - if falsified the actual does not give us information by the experiences on Sicilies and with it connected by its development, which led there.

ISOC advice' anti-dose is a 355/354 v. Chr. published speech, which describes the life of the ISOC advice in enkomiastischen tones. The text is certification over its character and its convicition placing, since its good peculiarities were frequently misjudged, how it admits.

In the brightism the category of the political Autobiografie, arose the Hypomnemata. This is not to confound with the Ephemeriden yard journals specified, which had rather the character of a chronicle.

Aratos of Sikyon (271-213 v. Chr.) writes around 215 v. Chr.a Autobiografie, in which he justifies his political acting. Aratos of released large parts of Greece of the Makedonenherrschaft, closed however due to the Erstarken Spartas an alliance with the Makedonen. Its writing serves as justification for this.

Ptolemaios VIII. Euergetes II.(approx. 182-116v. Chr.) wrote a 24-bändige Autobiografie, which is received to us in the Deipnosophistai (scholar guest meal) of the Athenaios in excerpts. Unfortunately only the passages of the Autobiografie are delivered, which refer to meals and drinking delivered.


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