an autodidact went through a person, in the self-instruction, without officially recognized training with qualifying conclusion too, on high level is formed or so a higher trains themselves education acquires.

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procedures: Self learning procedure or self-instruction

thereby gives it such, which acquire themselves their entire education in the self learning procedure, like US - American president Abraham Lincoln, and such, which studied itself in another area than from them establishes, as spoke - and fairy tale researcher, but learned lawyer Jacob and William Grimm.


some autodidacts brought it thereby like the painter and former Hilfsprediger Vincent van Gogh to maximum output. Often it was law studies, which offered the financial security, in order to be able to follow to the actual scientific inclinations. Lawyers, often officials, were beside the Grimms among other things the passionierte mathematician Pierre de Fermat and the secret advice and poet Goethe, who developed as auto+didactical scientists its own chromatics and whom Zwischenkieferknochen discovered. The Britisher Michael Faraday brought it the professor high-decorated from the book binder apprentice to for physics and chemistry.

contribution for acknowledgment the university fan

pretty often were there autodidacts, who before not when training subject only by their research a university subject made recognized field of study. Like that the American linguist and one were the founder of the modern American linguistics, Benjamin Whorf, studied chemist and coworker of an insurance company.

The term is attributed to the German philosopher Gottfried William Leibniz, which was active as an attained a doctorate lawyer among other things as a librarian in the duke August library in Wolfenbüttel and itself in one of its works “first of all that I was nearly completely autodidact” described. Leibniz is called frequently the latter universal scholar, who acquired itself most of its comprehensive knowledge auto+didactically.

Before itself in the course 19. Century the compulsory schooling was refined generally interspersed and the university education and reglementiert more strongly, was autodidacts to be found more frequent. Also point-avid, but persons and women without means, who remained to a large extent locked the entrance to High School and university, found acknowledgment among experts as serious autodidacts occasionally. An example of it is the Englishwoman Mary Anning, itself from a poor, ungebildeten Fossiliensammlerin to one the most important Paläontologinnen 19. Century developed.


autodidacts achieve every now and then considerable to outstanding achievements, today particularly within the range of the art and the foreign languages. A particularly unusual autodidact was a afroamerikanische draughtsman Bill Traylor, a former slave, who began also over 80 years to draw and became world-famous.

In vocational fields, with which the attendance of a specialized institute is not compellingly prescribed the rule or, like e.g. One speaks chess player, sportsman, Popmusiker, skirt guitarist, journalist , actor or writer, not of autodidacts. Also university graduates, who break off their study and due to own further training nevertheless still become successful in their area, are strictly taken no autodidacts, likewise to few persons, who were trained by private teachers.

Persons, who do not come with small means or from that anything and from own Kraft to economic success (whereby the education does not play a role) call one against it Aufsteiger or Self larva men.

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autodidact in the film

of the auto+didactical education a cinematic monument set the actor Burt Lancaster: in the Hollywood - it plays film the prisoner of Alcatraz (1961) under the direction of George Cukor impressively - after a true occurence - a lifelong in-sitting convict, who may hold in the solitary confinement singing birds and by observation, reading and experimenting for many years matures to the Ornithologen and technical book author recognized world-wide.

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