of these articles treats the general term. For the automat term in computer science see automat (computer science).

One calls automat or mechanism automatically reacting machines or modules. Means automatically automatically running off. The word trunk is built up from two old-Greek trunks and meant about automatically does, moving.

colloquial language

in the language of the everyday life is used „automat “only for machines, which spend a commodity on Münzeinwurf or achieve simple services, like money, play and vending machines.

Colloquially „mechanism marks “usually:

  1. the automatic transmission of a vehicle,
  2. the fixed reaction of a machine to an input
  3. the inevitable reaction to the change of a situation.

With (2) one thinks also on the procedure, which for instance with a ticket - or Münzautomaten on the Einwurf of the coin follows. Here - or with similar simple services - „the mechanism ends “however, if by the user of the automat a decision is required (traffic group, Bankomat o. A.).


a mechanism within the range of the technology is understood in contrast to this as process of the cybernetics. In technical disciplines such as mechanical engineering, partial physics, electro-technology, geodesy etc. develops one procedures automatically running off, in order to make procedures or

  • devices more surely (freely of human errors), e.g. with data, in the industriellen production
  • more rapidly run off to let (e.g. in the computing technology and EDP)
  • to obtain higher precision (e.g. Machine tools, robots in autoproduction)
  • largely “objektiviert “(as freely as possible of prepossession) to operate and/or. to control
  • to protect humans before damage (e.g. with controls, in environmental protection, to obtain with power stations etc.
  • ) or other advantages.

In the closer sense then mechanism means those construction units, modules, signal element sequences or programs, which make the above procedures possible.

With the development of automats in the automatic control engineering is concerned.

As first automats steered are considered, complicate built play figures and music doses by cam rollers or cam shafts.

See also: Automation

human behavior

within the human range again means „automatically “usually inevitable sequences and/or. simultaneous occurrence of sensory impression, reaction, movement or emotion:

  • „The everyday life psychology “speaks of automatic reaction, if the opposite arranges by its usual behavior to the adequate reaction, about:
    • automatic way hearing with the used „word gush “,
    • head vibrating with some situations, or
    • friendly smile opposite customers.
  • With surprising idioms however are more violent feeling reactions possible, which can draw also more unusual physical reactions, about:
    • Erröten with an unusual or unexpected radix complement,
    • Zurückzucken with (alleged) danger, or
    • spontaneous slap with sexual encroachment or intemperate rage.

Psychologists designate these and similar situations and/or. Reactions however not as „automatically “(automatically running off), but see unconscious actions in them for example.


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