AUTOMATIC acoustics management

AUTOMATIC Acoustics management, briefly AAM, is a technology, which makes an adjustment of the noise level for a computer non removable disk possible.


thereby is positioned the read recording head mechanics either faster and thus louder or - after reversal conclusion - noiselessly. Thus AAM is limited to the access noise, without having influence on the no-load operation acoustics. The attitude effected via special software in the non removable disk and remains existing up to the next change durably. Frequently obtained noise reduction exceeds the power loss clearly. If one assumes further the fact that the slower acceleration of the mechanics works carefully and currentsaving is to be usually preferred the quieter attitude.

AAM was introduced 2000 with the ATA -6-Standard and is since then obligatory. Some current models do from cost reasons however again without it. Saving concerns here however only the development of the non removable disk-steering firmware, the mechanics remains unchanged.

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