Automatic control engineering

automatic control engineering is a specializedspreading area, which is concerned with conceiving and development of automats or other procedures automatically running off.

Fließbandarbeit - erfunden von Henry Ford
Assembly line work - invented of Henry Ford

the automatic control engineering is concerned with the automation of technical processes from the following areas:

some subtasks are:

draft, implementation and start-up of automation functions is strongly method-oriented. These methods of the automatic control engineering are partially on certainProcesses cut.

Electro-technology is usually a superordinate area in the automatic control engineering. Nowadays nearly all automations with help of electro-technology are accomplished. A mechanical automation steps usually into the background.

In the automatic control engineering digital technique plays a role ever more meaning.Above all the microprocessors and the encoders (ADU) and/or decoder (DAU) are important components of control engineering, a subsection of the automatic control engineering.

Most of the developed general methods of the modern process automation use theoretically or experimentally determined models of the processes in analyticForm. On the basis of these models then knowledge-based methods can be developed to the draft and for the start-up of the different automation functions. To it methods of the identification

  • and parameter estimation , adaptive
  • regulation, monitoring
  • and fault-tracing, Fuzzy logic
  • , to evolutionary
  • algorithms , belong
  • neural nets.

With knowledge-based beginnings develop then for example intelligent automation systems, which contain model-supported regulations and controls (self-adjusting or continuously adaptive) and a monitoring with fault-tracing. As a function of the respective information they can make decisions.

The process orientated methods serve thatDevelopment of processes and mechatronischen systems. For this count for example the computer-aided concept, simulation and digital regulation of robots, machine tools, combustion engines, motor vehicles, hydraulic and pneumatic drives and actuators, for which also methods are developed to the fault-tracing and tested practically.Of special importance thereby also the development and practical testing of methods computational the intelligence, thus cooperating Fuzzy logic , are neural nets and evolutionary optimization algorithms.

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