of these articles treats the political term of the autonomy, the philosophical term is under autonomy (philosophy)

as an autonomy (of (old) Greek αυτονομία, (αὐτονομία) autonomía = itself giving laws, independently) designates one depending upon specialist area or connection “Selbstständigkeit”,“Independence”, “autonomy” or “freedom of choice”.Max weber definition reads as follows: Autonomy means that not, as with Heteronomie, which is gesatzt order of the federation by outstanding ones but by federation comrade strength of these their quality (as it in all other respects takes place much). (Economics and society, part of 1, chapter. 1, § 12)

special meaning has the autonomy in the private and autonomy in bargaining. Autonomy usually exists in the context of a system.

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full autonomy

states or areas as autonomously regarded, if they can be represented with regard to foreign policy from other states, inward however independently are. These are often areaswithin states, in which strong minorities live:

partial autonomy

certain administrative units of a centralistic governed state have certain jurisdictions, in which they may decide freely on their interests. Example: The French region Elsass has onePartial autonomy in the otherwise centralized training system (extent and organization of German instruction, extent of the use of the German language in instruction).

special case Italy

Italy is central governed, similarly as France. Only for the islands and the border regions inhabited by minorities(Friaul Julisch Venetien, Aostatal and Trentino South Tyrol have regulated autonomy, which is in fact a partial autonomy one of a special statute (a law in condition rank). In Italy these regions are called however autonomous regions. The State of Italy has inthe last years some its authority to the regions transfer (Devolution).

reduced autonomy

an administrative unit of a State of, z. B. Federal State, can decide in certain jurisdictions completely independently on its own interests. Example: The cantonsSwitzerland have freedom of choice within all ranges, which were delegated not expressly to the confederation (training system, internal security, social welfare matters, health service), and the decisions not the Federal Constitution to contradict so long.

autonomy as protest

the term „autonomy “for the marking of a political or cultural protest attitude arose in the 70's first in Italy. Was meant to advance toward the dominant values and rules in form one „second society “to intersperse and these against the majority company. Conflicts with the national force monopoly,from this concept resulted, led to the militarization of parts of the protest movement, which admits in Germany since the early 80's asautonomous one “became.

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