an author (v. lat.: auctor = author, creator, promoter, initiator) is the author or mental authors of a work. It concerns usually works of the literature in the broadest sense (writer, special book, film script -, television,Opera or stage author). , With a clear legal Beiklang, than author of the authors of a work of the music, art, photography, film art is understood more rarely (see. also software authors, law authors).

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the understanding of author shank is subjected historical changes. In the Middle Ages the terms refer author and authority with large matter of course one on the other. Coming of to the legal terminology, designates auctorthe “author”, “author” or 'trustee 'of a work. The word meaning, differently than fundamental in the modern times, includes the aspect of the authority (auctoritas): Authors are meant, who acquired high reputation and found broad acknowledgment.

Particularly medialen pagings of the verbalness to the writing and from the handwriting to the printing promoted the separation of the person of the author and their authority of their (reproducible and) work which can be protected against falsification , first however rather to kindsthe theological and scientific literature. Only since the genius aesthetics storm and urge developed a concept autonomous, creative barking trichloroethylene tables of author dominant over its work. 19. and 20. Century form the high phase of this emphatic, idealized author term.For the 60's criticism at the dehydration of the author personality became loud (Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault).

With respect to parts of the literature theory (telling theory) between author and storyteller one differentiates: The author is the writing of the text andthe storyteller the telling of history and is thereby an instance created by the author.

The term author was eingedeutscht by Philipp of Zesen by the expression author.

a right

covers legal aspects author shank to in the presentmental property. For the protection of the work copyright serves.

remuneration and percentages of profits

in January 2005 agree barking trichloroethylene TIC publishing houses and the federation of German writers on the fact that 10 per cent of the net price of each sold Hardcover - copy in the future as feeto the author of a book to flow are. To paperbacks separate regulations apply, with up to 20.000 sold copies receive the authors five per cent. Proceeds from the utilization book henceforth Nebenrechte go to that to 60 per cent, out of other Nebenrechten to the halfto the author.

exploitation corporation

exploitation corporation for the authors of different sections (journalist, writer, film script authors) is the VG word. It uses - similarly the GEMA with music pieces - by performance, transmission, copy and publishingdeveloped percentages of profits for the authors and pays the developed amounts once a year to the authors.

counting of authors

particularly with scientific publications occurs it ever more frequently that a work exhibits several authors and Koautoren.In order to count the number of publications a person comparably, it gives to the Bibliometrie different counting methods:

  • Normal counting method (a publication counts for each author independently of the number of authors)
  • Fraktionelle counting method (proportionate allocation the author shank, for example in each case inThird with three authors)
  • logarithmic counting method (the portion takes after the order mentioned of the authors off)
  • other weighting (for example only the first two authors)


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