avant-garde originally originates from the military language and designates the Vorhut, thus that troop unit, which advances as the first and steps thus as the first into enemy contact. Their counterpart is the Nachhut (Arrièregarde becomes outdated), which moves away as the latter and thus also as last enemy contact has.Between both main power, the bulk marches.

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general meaning

in the broadest sense becomes with the term avant-garde//the designated one one“Role of the pioneer” assigned. By Avantgardisten one understands humans, who activate withdrawn ways abandoned and new, trailblazing developments.

avant-garde in the culture

  1. avant-garde (screen end art)
  2. avant-garde (literature)
  3. avant-garde (music)
  4. avant-garde (representing art)

avant-garde in the policy

the term found also introductioninto the political language in particular of revolutionary parties and movements. Thus in the marxism Leninism the communist party is similarly called „avant-garde of the working class “or. Particularly the communist sailors held themselves for the avant-garde of the movement.


at the end 20. Century turned outthe term of the avant-garde and the associated conceptions increasingly into the criticism. The acceptance that persons or groups during the process of the progress progress „“and the remainder, „the Mainstream “, became whose example follows or must follow increasingly doubted. The background to thisDevelopment is more political in at least temporary victories of the artistic avant-garde movements and in the failure many to search revolutionary movements. The postmodernism stresses opposite explicitly the Pluralität of the developments.


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