Axel Bellinghausen

Axel Bellinghausen, 2003
Axel Bellinghausen (* 17. May 1983 in victory castle) is a German football player.

Bellinghausen is midfield player with the 1. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern. He came 2005 of Fortuna Duesseldorf to Kaiserslautern. Already with five years it occurred 05 Oberpleis the soccer association TuS. With the 1. It carries the number 16 for fiber plastic Kaiserslautern. After it is changed for 1993 to Bavarian 04 Leverkusen, it came 1998 to Fortuna Duesseldorf, where it remained until 2005. By its unbelievable run readiness and its kämpferische attitude he was promoted with the fans of the FCK after initial skepticism to one of the public favourites.


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