Axel Lawaree

Axel Lawaree (* 9. October 1973 in Huy, Belgium) is a Belgian football player on the position of the Stürmers, who stands since February 2004 with rapidly Vienna under contract.

The professional career of Lawaree began with the Belgian association KSV commodity in accordance with. In the year 2005 he became with rapidly Vienna Austrian master for the first time. Likewise in the year 2005 it reached the final of the Austrian Cup with rapidly Vienna. Before he celebrated however with SW Bregenz already as a goal scorer king in the season 2002/2003 success as a player. The play SW Bregenz was particularly outstanding in this season - Austria Salzburg, in which Lawaree could obtain five gates, of it four in a half time.

For attention and a injury-conditioned setback the Foul of the Austria Vienna of goal keeper , Joey Didulica at Axel Lawaree provided in May 2005. The Rapidstürmer was heavily hurt with a countering attack of it rushing toward Austria Tormann by a brutal Foul. Axel Lawaree suffered a nasal bone rubble break, a bruise of the eyeball and an easy brain vibration and had due to its several times to be operated. Didulica protested its innocence, Lawaree still goes out of the fact that it was intention. Therefore the Belgian resists also apologies Didulicas. Also the Shakehandes before a play is for the Belgian taboo.

The football player is married and has two children.

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