Béla Balázs

Béla Balázs [ˈbeːlɒˈbɒlaːʒ] (4. August 1884 in Szeged; † 17. May 1949 in Budapest), born as „harsh ore farmer “, was Hungarian - a Jewish film critic, Ästhetiker, a writer and a poet.

It buildup in a poor farmer family and acquired 1912 the Abitur. In order to finance its university studies (Hungarian and German), he worked in the meantime as tubing cleaner.

Balázs wrote among other things the Libretti for the ballet the wood-carved prince and for the opera duke of blue beard castle, which were toned by Béla Bartók, as well as the fairy tale cycle the coat of the dreams. Among its friends also György Lukács ranked.

His first film-theoretical work visible humans (1924) justified „the film as language “- theory, which affected also iron stone and Pudowkin. Later it wrote the film script to its direction debut the blue light for Leni scoring steel (1932). One of its most well-known films is Somewhere in Europe, 1947.

it received the highest honor of Hungary , the Kossuth price to 1949, and after it 1958 the Béla Balázs price for earnings/services in the film art was designated.


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