as buffalos one designates several kinds of African and asiatic cattle ( Bovinae ) in German. Among them the asiatic water buffalo ( Bubalus bubalis) and the African Kaffernbüffel ( Syncerus more caffer) are most well-known.

The African buffalos differed by the building of horns in principle from thatasiatic. With the African buffalo the horn is pushed toward an intensified cell formation at the inside of the Gehörns downward. So much Hornsusbstanz develops at the basis that the Hornbasen on the front center meets and forms a bulge.

The demarcation of the buffalos of thatother cattle is arbitrary. It concerns with them around no systematic group, but a polyphyletische composition of different kinds of cattle.

The American Bison (Bison bison) is called also Indian buffalo. To be taken exactly calls however only African and asiatic large cattle “buffalos”.

Tooto the kinds see:

the designation buffalo becomes in Austria regionally apart from the word Piefkewhen adverse name for Germans uses, in the Niederbayeri linguistic usage one names generally ungebildeten and inconsiderate humans, e.g.Rotting valleys buffalos.

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